Due to the escalating and the evolving outbreak of the Coronavirus, Zimmer Marketing, with input from local authorities and the CDC, has made the very difficult decision to postpone our BrandsFormation Workshop that was scheduled for April 14th. Our primary focus currently is to broadcast crucial information to our listeners, serve our community, and serve our advertising partners during this time.

The new BrandsFormation Workshop date will be June 23rd. We appreciate your understanding on this and will be looking forward to a successful future event.

Please complete the form if you're interested in checking availability to attend our next workshop in April 2020!

Transform Your Local Brand from Good to Great

Joplin BrandKampHow can you transform your GOOD local brand into a GREAT one? (And yes, there is a huge difference between the two.)

Author of four books, Fortune 500 and small business marketing consultant, Chuck Mefford, is coming to Joplin to share his brand-building system with a limited number of business owners and marketers. His system has been used for years by companies in Joplin, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Springfield transforming them into household names. Chuck's system is proven to connect emotionally with customers and help brands increase market share. 

Join Chuck and Zimmer for BrandKamp

Fill out the the form to request a ticket. There's no cost to attend (and you won't be asked to purchase anything).

Joplin BrandKamp
Date: April 14, 2020
Time: 8:00am
Where: Holiday Inn, 3402 Arizona Avenue, Joplin, MO

What will you learn at the BrandKamp?

  • How to create effective ads that yield great results through superb storytelling 
  • 4 steps to develop your brand and dominate mental real estate
  • How to uncover your difference maker
  • Actionable tips to be the business people think of first when they need what you offer