Free Marketing Resources

Take advantage of these downloadable marketing resources we've developed to help you grow your business and make the most of your marketing investment. 

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Your Guide

to Website Design

Your website is like the “front door” to your company for
most customers. Download your companies guide to website design

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Guide to Fast Secure

Website Hosting

You want your business to be found online. An often overlooked aspect of website performance is your hosting provider.

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SEO Guide for Joplin Small Business Owners

Download the eBook to see how you can take advantage using local SEO to attract local customers.

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How to Reach the Right Talent and Grow Relationships

Get a quick snapshot of your recruitment opportunities and learn how to reach the right talent and grow relationships with radio.

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Guide to Political

Advertising on the Radio

Are you not using radio as a part of your political marketing campaign? 

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A Simple Guide to Digital Advertising

A Simple Guide to Digital Advertising

Get a quick snapshot of Digital Advertising and learn how to use Digital Ads for your Four States Business. 

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small business owners branding checklist

Small Business Owners Branding Checklist

Get a quick snapshot of your brand strength and areas of your branding where you need to improve. Download and complete the checklist honestly to see how your brand stacks up across four critical areas of branding:

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small-business-annual-marketing-plan.pngHow to Build Your Small Business Annual Marketing Plan

Effective marketing takes time, money, preparation, and planning. 

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Your Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Online search is one of the most important marketing battles for your business. You can only compete when your website can be found online. 

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Zimmer Marketing Success Stories COVER

How Radio Delivers Results for Four State Area

Radio is an opportunity you can't afford to miss — and businesses across the Four State Area are putting it to work for their bottom line.

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5 Things You Can Do to Effectively Brand Your Business [WEBINAR]

Watch the webinar for actionable branding advice from the experts at Zimmer Radio Inc. 

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ROI ebook

How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Download this eBook for marketing ROI tips and 6 steps to build a results-driven marketing plan.

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12 Causes of Advertising Failure

We break down the most common mistakes that can lead to ineffective advertising, including attempting to reach more people than the budget allows, creating ads instead of campaigns, and confusing "response" with "results."

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Facebook-Best-Practices-for-Businesses.png10 Facebook Best Practices
for Businesses

This eBook will cover a number of different best practices that your business can use to engage your audience on the largest social media platform in the world.

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The Buying Funnel

Reference The Buying Funnel for a better understanding of your potential customers' journey from unawareness to action.

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digital-resources-ebook.png10 Digital Resources Every Small Business Needs to Know About

Choosing the right tools for your business can be hard. This guide outlines the latest digital resources available to your small business to help you grow!

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3 step formula for small business marketing success

The 3-Step Formula for Small Business Marketing Success

Learn about these simple 3-step formula that will deliver results for your small business.

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marketing-strategy-guide-cover.pngSmall Business Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy

Learn a number of key principles for your business to take into consideration when creating an effective marketing strategy. 

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zimmer-radio-inc-Marketing-Bridge.pngThe Marketing Bridge

From your store location to the frequency of your messages to your personal sincerity, there are a lot of forces at play when it comes to closing a sale. 

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zimmer-radio-media-kitZimmer Radio, Inc. Media Kit

From the #1 for Country and Everything That Rocks, to dependable news and big-personality talkers—our stations deliver the audience you need to reach your goals.

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