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5 Criteria for How to Evaluate a Website Design

Posted by Amber Ward on February 6, 2024 at 1:27 PM
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How to evaluate a website design
Are you trying to determine the quality of your website design? Evaluating your business website can be a challenge, but it's essential for your business success. That's why we've compiled this quick guide to help you accurately assess your company's online presence.

1. Layout

Your website's appearance must be balanced and arranged logically. The content on your site should be arranged hierarchically, with the most important information and brand positioning messaging positioned further up on your homepage. Your content sections need to be paired with well-placed call-to-action buttons. Finally, pay special attention to your website employing mobile-first and responsive design to fit various screen sizes.

A great example featuring a perfect layout is this design we did for Superior Roofing!

2. Colors

Your website should be consistent with your brand and logo while following solid principles of color use in design. A bad use of color can be both offputting to users and make your website difficult to read and navigate. For instance, having green font over an orange background would be a poor combination, while white on orange can be a good match.

We recently completed a new website for Windows for Less, which exemplifies ideal color balance.

3. Navigation

Your website's navigation should be intuitive and avoid crowding screen space on the page. For mobile-friendly versions of your site, this can take the form of a hamburger menu, while desktops can feature top-bar navigation styles or collapsible sidebars. Whatever your site's navigation style is, your menu should be simple and avoid having too many pages listed at once. For example, your top-level navigation may have five to seven pages. Further pages, such as those for individual service types, are ideally set up as child pages under a main services page to ensure your top-level menu is manageable.

Notice how we collapsed the multiple services pages on The Chimney Sweep LLC's website into a drop-down menu underneath the button for the main services page.

4. Content Quality

The text, images, and videos of your site must be of excellent quality to wow visitors. Your written content should be confident, informative, and free of spelling and grammar errors. A good site utilizes shorter paragraphs and text blocks to avoid overwhelming casual web users scanning for specific information. Images and videos need to be sized correctly to prevent long loading times or a pixelated appearance. 

Our website for MW Fence offers a great example of informative copy in brief sections, along with a perfectly optimized auto-play video on the homepage.

5. Search Engine Optimization

The good news is that most decisions that will positively impact your website's visibility on search engines are very simple, often combining principles from the aspects mentioned above. While technical SEO can be a more complicated field, you can start addressing the basics immediately. Your website pages, headings, and content should address strategic keywords for your business in a manner that satisfies the user's search intent. There are many research tools that can help you identify important keywords for your business and shape a strategy.

Check out All Dogs Dream to see a good example of SEO supported by a successful blogging strategy.

Evaluating Your Web Design

If your website stacks up well in four or more of these categories, you are on your way to a solid web design to promote your business! But don't stop now; there's always room for improvement, and your website should always be evolving. If your site is satisfactory in three or fewer criteria, that's a sign to take swift action to improve your design.

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