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10 Reasons You Should Choose Zimmer Radio Stations Over the Other Guys

Posted by Pam Larimore on January 5, 2017 at 8:30 AM

reasons-to-choose-zimmer-radio.jpgWhen you are buying radio advertising in Joplin, you want a radio group who will partner with you to achieve success, who helps you craft a unique message, and who can reach more listeners than anyone else. At Zimmer Radio, Inc., we have the tools and experience you need for a successful radio advertising campaign.

Top Reasons to Choose Zimmer Radio

1. Reach

Zimmer Radio, Inc., operates the most-listened-to group of six radio stations in the Four State Area. Altogether, our radio stations reach over 180,000 consumers over the age of 12 every week. We can help you target your advertising for different groups of consumers based on who listens to which station.

2. Process

Our advertising process offers effective results tailored to your business’s needs. First, we analyze your needs based on your audience and goals. Next, we help you develop an advertising plan and creative messaging that will resonate with your customers. We then carry out the plan, airing your advertisements at the right time on the right station. Finally, we monitor the success of your advertisements, helping you make any necessary changes to attract more customers.

3. Variety of Formats

Our six stations each have a powerful connection to their listeners. Their listeners are loyal and responsive to the right message. From country music to talk radio, classic hits to pop, we help you reach many different types of consumers with different music preferences.

4. Over 50 Years of Experience

Mr. Zimmer, the founder of Zimmer Radio, Inc., was a radio pioneer. In 1956, he built KDEX-FM in Dexter, Missouri. Over 50 years later, we continue to uphold his beliefs that “The Customer is King” and “The Product is Sacred.”

5. Educated Sales Team and Staff

To help you enjoy the best radio advertising results, our staff receives regular training on how to enhance results for our advertising partners. We frequently send our staff to national radio and advertising conferences to learn how to be a resource for your business.

6. Partnership

At Zimmer Radio, Inc., we believe that our advertisers are our partners. We work together to improve the success of your business and ours. We keep you involved in all parts of the advertising process, so the result is a campaign you love and believe in.

7. Investment in New Technology

We stay on top of the latest trends in radio by investing in new equipment and digital channels. We use state-of-the-art equipment including HD radio to deliver great music and clear, easy-to-understand ads. We also help engage your customers on social media, through our station mobile apps, and our digital promotions.

8. Creative Services Team

Our creative services team helps you deliver a unique message that impacts listeners. Using their training and years of experience, they craft an advertising campaign that will drive customers to your business.

9. Consistency

A successful advertising campaign requires consistency. As you deliver a consistent message to your customers, we give you consistent service, success and performance. You can rely on Zimmer Radio, Inc. to be your partner throughout the advertising process.

10. Success

We help businesses in Joplin, as well as the Four State Area, to run successful advertising campaigns, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from our partners who have enjoyed success advertising with Zimmer Radio.

Radio advertising helps you reach thousands of customers wherever they are. With an impactful message and the support of our experienced team, your business can find new customers throughout the Four State area.

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