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17 Actionable Digital Marketing Stats You Need To Know In 2020

Posted by Jeannette Royle on March 18, 2020 at 8:00 AM

digital marketing statisticsIf it seems your marketing job description is changing faster than trending videos on YouTube, you're right.  Every change in consumer behavior (think, for example, of the 900% increase in "near me" searches in Google over the past two years) means you need to adjust your strategy. 

Google, by one estimate, pushes out about nine algorithm shifts every day, which means you need to adjust your keyword strategy accordingly.  And emerging technologies, from artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual reality (VR) to the latest marketing automation software mean you need to quickly get up to speed because you can bet one or more of your competitors will. 


The pace of change in digital marketing is extremely fast—and judicious marketers need to keep their noses to the ground to keep the businesses for which they work current and relevant:

"Digital marketing is changing at a meteoric rate, making it more difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest industry standards. In fact, 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty, which sums up the pace of change right now."

But as rapid as the changes in the way companies market themselves are, the challenges remain the same.  And, once again this year, the top challenge was generating website traffic and quality leads, followed closely by proving the ROI of marketing activities, getting enough budget, and identifying the best marketing technologies.


Marketing (as the best marketers know) is a unique combination of science and art.  The science part is all about data, measurement, and analytics. The art part is all about using metrics to propel creative action.  Said differently, the metrics which grab your attention (and sometimes keep you up at night) are the ones that call out for strategic solutions.

Here, then, are 17 of the digital marketing metrics that matter most in 2020—and some suggestions for how you can wrestle them into strategic action:


  1. 1.  53% of mobile searchers abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load; you need to test your site's load speed—if it's too slow, take steps to fix the problem.
  2. About half of consumers think mobile experiences are negative; make sure your site is mobile-friendly and fix problems like weak navigation that are turning visitors off.


  1. About 60% of consumers now use voice search, so adjust your keyword strategy to include a more conversational style and long-tail keywords.
  2. On average, content on the 1st page of Google results is 1,890 words. Consumers want more helpful content that effectively answers their questions and solves their problems.


  1. Email marketing, on average, increases ROI by 4,300%: that's according to Search Engine Journal—and that's a potential game changer for your business.  It might be time to learn how email marketing can help you nurture your leads.
  2. The best time to send email is between 4 pm and 8 pm: this one's a no-brainer—adjust your publication schedule!
  3. The open rate for segmented emails is 15% higher than non-segmented ones: whether you use buyer personas or simple demographic segments, sending targeted messages will boost open rates.
  4. Almost 75% of Millennials prefer email for promotional communications:  make sure you communicate with this demographic through email exchanges.
  5. Almost 60% of consumers say they make buying decisions because of promotional emails:  the notion that people don't like to hear about products and services through email is mistaken.


  1. Businesses that blog regularly are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment (ROI): the operative word is "regularly."  Make sure your site has enough relevant and diverse blogs to satisfy every segment of your target market.
  2. Small businesses with blogs have approximately 125% more lead generation than those without them:  blogging can help small companies level the playing field with their larger counterparts.
  3. You'll generate three times more leads with content marketing than with traditional advertising: the inbound mantra that "content is king" is about right.  It might be time to revisit your marketing budget and strategy.


  1. Facebook boasts the highest return on investment (ROI) of any social media platform:  it might be time to see which social media sites are generating the most sales for your business. 
  2. The best time to publish posts on Facebook is from 10 am to 3 pm during the work week:  again, you'll want to check your own numbers to see which posting times generate the best results for your business


  1. Including video on a landing page boost lead conversion by almost 90%:  the emotional connection video creates with viewers can be a powerful incentive for them to provide their contact information.
  2. Just 1 in 25 visitors to business websites are on average ready to buy a company's products and services:  this is a strong argument for intuitive site navigation and multiple customized landing pages to boost conversion rates.
  3. More than 75% of consumers who use "near me" in a Google search will visit one of the listed businesses within one day;   you need to revisit your keyword planning strategy to ensure you're adequately responding to this change in consumer behavior.


The bottom line is that marketing—whether for a large enterprise organization or a small local business in Joplin—isn't easy.  And the fact that the rules of engagement are continually changing only makes the job harder. Fortunately, there are experienced digital marketing agencies who understand your business and can give you the advice and guidance you need to succeed.  That's what we've been doing for businesses throughout the four-state area for more than half a century.

To learn more about the ways our digital advertising, website design, branding, and social media management solutions can help you achieve your top marketing goals—and take your business to the next level—contact us today.

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