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3 Reasons Why Local Politicians Need Great Websites

Posted by Pam Larimore on October 5, 2017 at 8:00 AM

websites for politiciansA big challenge for any local politician is staying in touch with the community. You gained their support to get elected, but now that you’re in office, it’s not possible for you to go out and shake each and every hand like when you were on the campaign trail.

That’s precisely why websites for politicians are so critical once elected into office. Having a great political website can help you maintain - and increase - your personal connection with your constituents while you’re busy trying to improve their communities.

Politician websites are a form of political marketing that share information about yourself and what you’re doing, so people can develop a more personal connection with you. At the same time, websites help maintain trust by keeping people informed about the goings on in their local government.

Here are three reasons why having a website in politics is a must for local politicians.

1. Keeps the Community up to Speed

One of the major benefits to maintaining a great political website after you get in office, is that you’re able to keep the community (your constituents) up to date on current events, happenings, and announcements. You can keep readers engaged, even though you’re no longer on the campaign trail. If part of the reason you got elected was that you promised to improve public parks, for example, you could periodically update people on the progress. Although actual improvements might take some time, you can update people on things like the planning and permitting processes, so people know that the ball is rolling and you’re not simply resting on your laurels.

2. Allows People to Connect with You

Voting is a very personal decision for most people. They check your name on the ballot not just because they agree with your party, platform, or proposals. They do so because they feel an emotional connection to you and your personal brand. Establishing a solid digital identity through your website allows you to tell a story about yourself, your candidacy, and how you’re working towards your goals while in office. Moreover, you’ll be able to connect with people on a personal level, by sharing thoughts via a blog, or photos of you out and about in the community. People can then interact with you by commenting on posts, which you can respond to and create a stronger personal bond with your constituency. Odds are, you haven’t had the opportunity to interact with each and every person on the campaign trail, so having an engaging website allows you to do just that.

3. Establish Your Expertise

Whether it’s improving taxes for small business, or helping the homeless, people want to know that you’re an expert in certain areas and causes so they have faith that you’re putting forward solutions that will be impactful and effective in the real world. Having a great website allows you to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in the eyes of the public, whether it’s blog posts, video interviews, or specific policy proposals. If you’re trying to pass laws that help small businesses, for example, you might want to post video content of you speaking with business owners, asking about their needs and getting their feedback on potential solutions.

Having a polished website is critical for maintaining a solid relationship with your voting base throughout your time in office. You’ll not only be able to keep the local community involved and up to date on current events, but you’ll also be strengthening your political brand. If you want people know have comfort that they made the right decision, and that you’re a professional political expert, designing a fantastic website is the way to go.


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