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4 Reasons Why It Matters to Have Professional Video Production

Posted by Jeannette Royle on February 15, 2022 at 7:00 AM

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As video content becomes ever more prevalent online many business owners have wondered how to leverage this trend for brand growth. The truth is, the basic elements of video production are relatively simple, but getting them right can still be tricky. That's why it pays to have videos produced professionally. Here are some key aspects to consider in your brand's video content.

1. Video Lighting

The lighting in your company's video content can be essential to its success. Have you ever watched a video that's too dark? It isn't an enjoyable experience. Most of the time, you're too focused on straining to see to pay attention to the subject of the video. In the same way, harsh lighting can be unpleasant to look at or be unflattering to the on-screen talent, reducing your video's persuasiveness.

Professional videographers understand that video production is a storytelling art form. And they use different lighting setups to help tell a story. However, for most basic videos, such as interviews or commercials, you will want to use proper 3-point lighting. This type of lighting bathes the subject in a soft, even lighting that viewers will find pleasant. But, of course, this is only the most rudimentary professional lighting layout, and your videos may benefit from more advanced types of video lighting. 

2. Video Resolution and Aspect Ratio

An important question to ask when determining aspect ratio and video resolution is, "How will this video be distributed?" You see, aspect ratio and resolution vary greatly depending on the type of video and the platform on which people view it. While most videos have an aspect ratio of 16:9, some formats like story videos on Instagram are laid out vertically and use a 9:16 aspect. The most common choice is 1080p full HD when it comes to resolution. However, as 4k screens become more common, you may want to take advantage of its fine picture quality to show off your business and products. 

3. On-Screen Talent

Who will appear in your marketing video and why? There are many factors to consider when choosing who will appear in your video. Do you want the polish of trained actors on screen or the authenticity of a business owner, staff member, or customer? Would your audience be responsive to a well-known influencer? Remember, it is essential that you carefully consider your target audience when making these decisions. A professional videographer can help you choose what's best for the video you're producing. 

4. Sound Quality & Music

At Zimmer Marketing, we're huge advocates for the power of sound! Visuals may grab people's attention, but what you hear stays with you forever. Most of us can remember the jingles from commercials on TV when we were children, even if we haven't seen them in years. And when people watch a video, the lack of sound or its low quality is one of the first things they notice.


The right music for your video can make all the difference. You want to choose something that fits the overall feel of the video but doesn't distract from or overpower speech. It's critical, though, to make sure you have the rights to use your chosen music in your video. Copywrite infringement is something to avoid at all costs. This is another reason why using a professional video maker is a good idea. They will know how to take care of your video's music licensing.

Recorded Speach

If your video will have narration or spoken lines, it must be clear and audible. Two mistakes to avoid are fuzzy background noise and grating volume changes. Most of these problems are handled with professional microphone setups. However, videos often need a little editing work to ensure all the audio levels are clear and consistent.

Professional Video Production from Zimmer Marketing

If you're ready to create some high-quality videos for your business, we're ready to help! With Zimmer Marketing's state-of-the-art video production equipment and software, we can create video content that will help facilitate your brand's growth!