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4 Ways Local Radio is Such a Powerful Branding Tool

Posted by Jeannette Royle on March 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM


There are many reasons that local radio is a powerhouse for brand building, from obvious reasons like its relatively low cost to its good return on investment. But there are many important reasons that radio is an essential asset for local companies working to build their brand. This week we want to take some time to explain some of the wonderful ways radio can help your company succeed!

1. Frequency

An essential quality of radio branding and advertising is the frequency you can achieve. The reason for this is that with the savings you receive from using radio rather than some other medium like TV, you can afford to run your ads more. And that's a very valuable thing. Because people need repetition to remember things, it is essential that you have enough budget to run your ads frequently. Radio offers your business that level of flexibility.

2. Reach

Another advantage of local radio is reach. Overall, 94% percent of Americans listen to local radio in a given month. That level of reach for a single medium is unmatchable in today's fragmented media marketplace. In an era where there are so many sources for entertainment... streaming, cable, Spotify, satellite, local TV, the fact that radio impacts 94% of Americans in a month is remarkable. Radio can't be beaten if you want to build your brand in your local market!

3. Emotion

Storytelling is an essential part of effective branding and marketing. That's because stories talk to the heart, not just the mind. Radio's sound-based format allows for excellent storytelling. Radio gives you the ability to bring your branding message directly to your audience without all the distractions of other media types. 

4. Local Personalities

Radio is personal, local, and reliable. Whether they're listening to the top 100 shows on the hit music station or the morning news from the listener's favorite local news team, radio builds a connection with listeners that remains unmatched among other mediums. Regularly scheduled shows from local radio personalities connect with listeners across radio formats. The hosts often live in the communities where their listeners live, giving them more credibility and familiarity and the insights needed to communicate effectively to their fans. When a local radio personality believes in the quality of your brand or product and promotes it, listeners take notice. 

Build Your Local Brand with Radio

Although much time is spent in marketing journals on trendy new advertising opportunities such as the metaverse, radio holds the unique position of maintaining unmatched reach. People all over the country, from the four states to the coasts, consistently tune in on morning commutes, in the kitchen, or at work to listen to their favorite local station. This positions radio to offer incredible return-on-investment to local businesses and access to essential marketing tools necessary to compete in this increasingly global marketplace. 

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