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5 Best Practices For Improving Website Performance

Posted by Kylie Davis on December 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Improving Website PerformanceThere's no doubt that having a digital presence is a must for any business that wants to stay active in the 21st century. Business owners realize the pivotal role that websites play in their overall customer base and revenue streams. This has greatly increased the need for Zimmer Marketing Missouri SEO services to craft well-designed websites with super-fast performance.

Why Does Website Design And Performance Really Matter?

Website Design Missouri is becoming an ever-increasing necessity for businesses as they're responsible for making a good impression on consumers. When people visit your website, they do so to gain information. However, if your website seems overcrowded or hard to navigate, consumers will simply hit the back button and head to a competitor's website.

In regards to performance, it also plays a pivotal role in your ability to attract consumers. When your website loads quickly, consumers can be easily connected with the information they need about your business. However, when your website doesn't load quickly enough, consumers simply hit the back button and are lost. Just as website design plays a successful role in your ability to convert visitors into consumers, so does your website's performance.

How To Enhance Website Performance

When we talk about website performance, we're referring to the overall user experience of your website. From design aspects to reducing page load times, there are multiple concerns that fall into a website's overall performance. Therefore, there are many different tactics for enhancing the performance of your website.

Enhancing Page And Site Speeds

It's been highly publicized that Google uses the speed of your site in its algorithm to determine your page rank for search engine results. Sites with quick site speeds are ranked higher in the results than those with low site speeds. To enhance your site speed, you need to consider your page speeds as well.

Some easy tactics for decreasing the load time of your site and its pages include enabling compression, minifying CSS, using content distribution networks (CDNs), reducing redirects, and removing render-block Javascript. Our Website Design Missouri company utilizes all of these strategies and more to increase your site speed for a better user experience.

Switching To A Dedicated Server

Many times, business owners simply sign up for a shared hosting plan. They tend to be fairly cheap and in abundance. However, these plans can be a real hindrance when your website starts to pick up traction. As more and more users demand content from your website, they may experience slower load times. This is because the hosting server is overloaded with the user demands of your website and others on the shared plan. This is an indication that it's time to upgrade to a dedicated server specifically for hosting only your business's website. This will allow quicker load times for your users.

SEO Keyword Plan

SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of any website that successfully ranks for industry-relevant keywords. For example, if you're a plumber in Joplin, Missouri, you'll be able to gain new customers when your website shows up in their search results. Specifically, you want your website to show up for plumbing relevant keywords, such as plumber Joplin, plumber Missouri, toilet repair, sewer service, and so on.

Our experienced SEO firm will identify the specific keywords that will bring in the most customers searching for your services. They'll institute an SEO plan that will make your website more focused on those keywords. This practice will ensure that Google is likely to rank your website at the top of your prospects' search engine results.

Optimized Images

While images can be a great way to help potential consumers better understand your business, they can also be a big hindrance when not optimized correctly. Large images, wrong file formats, and non-compressed images can all decrease your website load time. It's best to have more optimized images that have the correct file format, are only as large as they need to be, and are properly compressed to save space.

Mobile-First Quality

It's no surprise that smartphones have transformed the way that people search the internet. Instead of sitting behind their desktop, laptop, or table, more and more people are grabbing their smartphones. Traditionally, websites were not designed to work well on mobile devices. Some websites that are still deemed outdated don't offer quality mobile displays. Rather, mobile users experience load issues, missing or distorted text, and so forth.

Now more than ever before, website owners need to embrace mobile-first quality. This practice involves having your website designed specifically for mobile interfaces. You want to ensure that your website is working great for all users who connect with your business via their smartphone. Your website's performance on desktop connections should be situated as a second concern once mobile displays are optimized. 

When you enlist the help of Zimmer Marketing the SEO Missouri professionals, we'll evaluate many different areas of your website's performance, including the ones outlined above. We'll then provide you with a viable plan of attack for increasing these areas for better overall website performance. When users have a better experience with your website, you end up with more customers.

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