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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Radio Station with a Dedicated Creative Services Department

Posted by Pam Larimore on February 20, 2017 at 8:30 AM

iStock-538362390 (1).jpgIt’s savvy of business owners to constantly be on the lookout for ways to get the most out of their marketing and advertising efforts.

Maybe you hired a designer to improve your logo, someone else to redo your website, and yet another vendor to produce your radio ads?

While some of these “quick fixes” can provide some temporary benefit, there’s much to be said about utilizing a media company with a dedicated creative services department that can meet your needs under one roof. A creative services department inside a radio station, for example, is in charge of creating a unique message for your business that will resonate with radio listeners. Your business’ story has to be told in a compelling, relatable manner in order to build trust with listeners, and this is where a dedicated creative services department enters the picture. They can help you bring everything together into one cohesive strategy.

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Here are six things you can expect from a dedicated  creative services department, and why you should consider working with one:

1. One Stop Shop

The great thing about a dedicated creative department is you’ll get everything you need under one roof.You will be dealing directly with the copywriter, proofer, and producer, so you won’t have to source copy from one agency, and production from elsewhere. This can save you large amounts of time when communicating ideas, approvals, etc.

2. Multiple Brains with Multiple Ideas

One drawback to working with multiple, separate agencies is that there’s a lot less room for collaboration. The people writing your copy won’t necessarily be communicating with the people who will be producing your radio ads, for instance. By going with a media company with a dedicated creative services department, everyone is working together and brainstorming new ideas on a consistent basis to improve your advertising efforts.

3. Consistency Across Marketing Efforts

One of the keys to effective marketing is consistency. This means advertising on a consistent basis, but you also need to make sure your messaging and branding is consistent across all channels. By utilizing a radio station with a dedicated creative services department, you can ensure that the messaging on your website, for example, matches what people hear about you on the radio, which helps with consumer recall of your brand and keeps you front of mind to your target audience.

4. Extensive Campaigns

Going with a media company that has a dedicated creative services department allows you to focus on creating an extensive campaign to educate the listener about your business and the products you provide. While at the same time, you can create a critical path to drill down and focus on specific sales initiatives you want to highlight throughout the year.

5. Experienced Professionals

There’s a lot of moving parts in effective advertising campaigns, and a dedicated creative services department can provide resources to manage them efficiently. A creative services department isn’t just a bunch of generalists; they are a group of trained professionals who strive to get your business results. They have years of experience creating effective campaigns for advertisers.   

6. Speed and Timing

One of the benefits of working with a radio station with a creative services department is the speed and timeliness associated. You don’t have to put your marketing efforts on hold to address the next element of your campaign since your campaign has been thought-out and prepared for. Furthermore, if any changes are needed to your copy or message, edits can be done quickly.

The overall benefit of working with a media company with a dedicated creative services department is that, due to the factors mentioned above, you get a streamlined marketing approach that is consistent and often more cost effective.

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