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6 Tips for Effectively Using Digital Promotions

Posted by Kylie Davis on July 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM

digital promotionAs a business owner, you understand that digital promotions can be an effective part of your marketing strategy. What may not be as clear is how to make it work. Zimmer is here to help. We’ve put together 6 tips for effectively using digital promotions to grow your business and increase ROI.

What can you achieve with digital promotions?

Among other things, you can:

  • Generate warm, workable leads
  • Increase foot traffic to your place of business
  • Increase website traffic, get more Facebook likes, and increase social media engagement
  • Build your email database
  • Collect consumer data and insights

Tips to Effectively Use Digital Promotions

1. Focus

Focus on your target audience and use digital promotions to interact and engage with them. Ensure that your creative and messaging speak to your target audience and connect with them. Some fun ways to encourage customers to interact with your sponsored content include digital promotions like sweepstakes, quizzes, photo contests, and brackets.

2. Incentivize

Incentivize people to participate in your promotion by offering a great prize. When you give people a reason to sign up or enter a contest, it enables you to collect lead intelligence such as email addresses, names, zip codes, and phone numbers.

3. Cross Promote

Pair digital promotions with traditional to yield a higher ROI. For example, use radio ads to encourage listeners to visit your website to get more information. Traditional and digital advertising can complement each other to build brand awareness and reinforce your message across multiple channels.

4. Frequency

Communicate regularly to stay top-of-mind before, during and after your promotion. Develop an email strategy to regularly communicate with customers, and engage with your customers on social media.

5. Availability

Ensure that information is available to customers when they need it. Your website is a critical part of your digital strategy. Your design should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Both digital and traditional promotions, as well as organic search, will drive traffic to your website, so it’s important to ensure that information is current.

6. Meet Your Target Audience Where They Are

Your digital promotions should not interrupt your audience’s experience but should get their attention. Host your promotion on a website or Facebook page to make it easy to access. Use banner ads, social media posts, and emails to reach your target audience across the channels they’re using. Work with your advertising partner to ensure that your promotion is clear and easy for your audience to participate in.

In today’s business environment, digital promotions have become an important part of marketing strategy. By using them effectively, you can build brand awareness, engage with customers, and increase your marketing ROI.


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