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6 Ways Casinos Can Win Big with Radio

Posted by Mark Zimmer on July 20, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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casino advertisingWhen it comes to successfully promoting your casino through radio advertising, you’ll need more than a stroke of luck to beat the house and hit the jackpot. Here are six tips you can follow to ensure your casino marketing is effective, reaches your target audience, and increases your sales.

Attractive Creative

When you are crafting your creative for your casino marketing, keep in mind that in order to be effective and reach your desired audience, your creative must be attractive. It has to appeal to your audience and stand out from its competition. So, how can you accomplish this? When it comes to radio advertising, keep these concepts in mind:

  • Start Strong: Find a way to hook listeners, emotionally, as soon as possible.
  • Be Personable: The more we know about your brand, and the people behind it, the more inspiration we can draw from for creative.
  • Avoid Information Overload: Sure, you want to include as many details as possible, but you don’t want to confuse listeners with a laundry list of info. Keep your message short and simple.
  • Make It Memorable: Try using humor or an unexpected approach to pique interest. It’s important that your message is relevant.
  • Keep It Fresh: Once you have your ad running, don’t just sit back and listen. Keep your ads fresh by changing up your message every few months.  

Targeted Listeners

As the owner or marketing director of a casino, you’ve probably spent countless hours working on your business plan and your marketing strategy. When designing a strategy for your radio advertising, research and planning are just as important and identifying your target audience can be the difference in whether your advertising is successful or whether it fails. Once you know who you’re targeting, ensure the stations you advertise with reach your target audience.


As you plan your radio advertising schedule, don’t lose sight of frequency.

You’ll want to ensure that you budget accordingly for the optimum frequency needed to help you achieve your goals. Your media partner can work with you to strategically plan the best frequency for the goals you have set. By focusing on frequency, your casino marketing will not only gain awareness, but it will reflect directly on your bottom line.

Use Radio DJs as Influencers

Radio listeners are loyal to their favorite stations. Not only are they loyal to specific stations, but they are loyal to radio personalities. When we listen to these DJs day in and day out, we start to feel like we know them and can relate to them and the stories they share. So, why not take advantage of an established relationship? For casinos, using celebrities and social media stars is a great way to utilize influencers. While that may be effective, we prefer to use a familiar voice that specifically targets your audience and has an established trust built with them. If a DJ is talking about your product or service, the targeted audience is listening.

Promote Casino Events and Concerts to an Interested Audience

Is your casino having a special event? How about a big concert? That’s awesome. Radio advertising is the perfect vehicle to spread the word. Remember, radio reaches 66 percent of persons 12 or older on an average day, and it reaches 93.2 percent of persons age 25-54 on a weekly basis. Consider an action campaign to promote your event or concert. The campaign will let listeners know where they can go to get more information, as well as how they can act.

Promote a Giveaway on Radio

When you have a giveaway to promote, radio is your perfect partner. We’ve told you about the incredible reach that radio has to offer, and it’s a great way to promote your giveaway, gaining interest in your casino and potential new leads and customers. As part of the call-to-action in your ad, direct listeners to your website, where they can enter the giveaway and also get more information. While they are there, they will signup for your giveaway, in turn sharing their contact information which allows you to collect their data. You can also promote your giveaway via your social channels, which can be shared as part of your radio advertising, increasing your overall engagement. By using radio, social media, and your website in unison, you’ll be more likely to reach your desired audience and have a successful giveaway.

Take Action

Now that we’ve shared our tips for using radio advertising to enhance your casino marketing, it’s time for you to take action. We know your goal is to increase sales and attract more patrons to your property, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help your business with its Joplin, Missouri marketing needs.


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