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Ad-Based Streaming Continues to Grow In 2022

Posted by Brett James on September 27, 2022 at 7:00 AM
ad based streaming services grow in 2022
As shifts away from traditional viewing habits continue, we wanted to check in on recent trends in the streaming market. For small businesses, it's a constant effort to look for advertising platforms that offer the best value for marketing budgets. Ad-based streaming services are some of the more attractive options currently available. So how are ad-based streaming services fairing in 2022?

Netflix Loses Market Share to Ad-Based Streaming

After a slow start earlier this year, streaming subscriptions are again continuing their long-term increasing trend. But this success is not distributed equally. The streaming services that have seen the largest growth are those offering subscriptions with ads. On the other hand, the streaming giant Netflix, which does not support ads, has lost 6% of its subscriber base since last year. Overall, ad-supporting services with paid subscription models grew by 1.6% this year, while services with no ads also grew by 1.5%. But by far, the fastest growing segment of the streaming market is free, ad-based services with ads, which grew at a 2.1% rate.

Cable TV Has Lost a Million Viewers in 2022

Cable and satellite TV are still losing subscribers. In one of the most well-documented trends of the last decade, Americans are continuing their cable-cutting habits. Between this year's first and second quarters, cable and satellite TV shrunk by over a million subscribers.

Opportunities for OTT Advertising

What are some takeaways from the trends in streaming in 2022? Firstly, Americans are looking for ways to reduce their monthly expenditures, as the overall U.S. economy remains in a state of slow growth with high inflation. However, people opt for cheaper or free ad-based streaming services rather than going without entertainment. The average American household currently has five streaming subscriptions. The reality for small businesses is that more viewers are willing to engage with ads.

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