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Branding is NOT Marketing: Getting to the Heart of Your Business

Posted by Mark Zimmer on October 10, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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the importance of brandingYou know something about marketing, but want to learn more—that’s why you’re visiting this site and reading tips shared by some of the best Joplin marketing pros. But when discussing marketing efforts, you definitely don’t want to leave the importance of branding out of the conversation.

Although some people may think marketing is what you have to do to get the business you want, this is not exactly the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Branding is also a huge part of establishing a name for your business, keeping it recognizable, and growing a loyal customer base.

You could compare branding to how your heart works. Just like your heart keeps the blood supply pumping throughout the body, branding is the heart of your company—and should be the basis for all your advertising and promotional efforts. Marketing is like the circulatory system. Marketing gets the word out, but it all comes back to having a good heart (and soul).

Here are several more reasons why branding is very important to the success of your business:

Branding Promotes Name Recognition

  • If you’ve created a strong brand for your company, when people see your logo or name, they will automatically think about your company and how your products or services can make their day—and their life—better or easier (or more fun even).
  • Branding is much more than just a logo or name. Your brand conveys the core values of your company, why you do what you do—your mission, so to say—and why your company is uniquely qualified to address a customer’s pain, problem, need or desire.

Branding Generates More Referrals

  • People seem to enjoy sharing their favorite brands with their families and friends. By having an established brand, you make it easier for your customers to share the benefits of choosing you over a competitor.
  • Having a strong brand also helps create an emotional connection between your company and your customers. When a brand delivers on its promises, it creates trust, which will be paid back with loyalty. And loyal customers like to share even more.

Branding Helps Customers Know What to Expect

  • A company with a strong and sophisticated brand will likely fulfill a customer’s expectations. When they walk in the door, they’ll see an environment that reflects the company’s brand buildup. And just like a very professional brand foreshadows a very professional store, a fun or feisty brand can promise relaxing and good times ahead.
  • By maintaining a customer’s expectations of your brand, you’ll continue building more bonds. And earning more trust. And adding even more customers. You’ll be creating a “brand-promises-trust-loyalty-share” growth cycle you’ll want to take advantage of.

Branding Also Provides Clear Directions For Your Staff and Employees

  • Employees know exactly how they are expected to act when a company has a clear and understandable brand. Are you a “suits and black ties” business? Or do you have a “blue jeans and logo shirts” vibe? Is there a quiet, understated tone or a casual atmosphere?
  • Your employees are an important part of a customer’s entire brand experience. You want them to know that and they will if you’ve established a strong brand. As the leader of the pack, you’ll set the tone. And then your employees will strive to act in the manner expected of them—not only by you, but also your customers and your brand.

Don’t underestimate the importance of building your brand AND then marketing it. If you don’t have a well-established brand, you can still invest in major marketing efforts… but there’s a good chance you won’t see the same remarkable results.

Building a brand takes time and can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort in the long run. Marketing might bring a few new customers through your door, but it’s branding that’ll bring them back time and again for more!


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