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Bug-A-Way Pest Control Website Recap

Posted by Chad Elliot on May 25, 2021 at 7:15 AM
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In February 2021, Zimmer Marketing’s web development team launched a brand new, search engine optimized website for Bug-A-Way Pest Control. One of our largest websites to date, their website includes 25 location pages, 40 lead capturing pages, and an ever-growing blog section. This website continues to perform at a very high level, driving organic traffic to Bug-A-Way Pest Control. See the website here.

Search Engine Optimization

Bug-A-Way is a local business serving southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, and southwest Missouri, which offers comprehensive pest control services—offering extermination services for anything from rodents to termites to bed bugs. Providing excellent service as they do, satisfying customers wasn’t an issue for them. Finding customers is another matter. Their primary web-based method for drawing traffic to their old website was pay-per-click advertising (PPC). While this method was bringing in an acceptable amount of traffic, it costs money. By creating an SEO- friendly website, they could draw in organic site traffic, which is free. 
With these goals in mind, our web development team created a custom WordPress website designed with organic search in mind. The team did extensive research to understand what search terms people use when seeking extermination services. According to Senior Web Developer Jason Dittmer, “From the beginning of this project, the primary focus was Search Engine Optimization. Hours of research went into finding the most effective keywords. These keywords are strategically placed throughout the 60+ pages.” It’s critical for websites to be loaded with dense textual content written with keywords in mind to help search engines understand the site's purpose. Bug-A-Way’s website has proven a massive success in this regard.
Since launched in February, more than 3,000 visitors navigated to the new site. Much of these visits were a result of organic searches for competitive keywords. Before search engine optimization, very little web traffic was based on organic search. This is important, considering PPC ads can range from $2-$30 a click for competitive keywords. That adds up fast, especially considering only a percentage of those clicks will bring in a paying customer. Our search engine optimization has caused them to rank number one in the four-states area for the highly competitive search term “pest control near me,” a term that costs a fair amount of money to run ads on.

Website Lead Capturing

But it isn’t just search engine optimization that makes Bug-A-Way’s new website stand out. The entire website is designed to maximize conversions, in this case, to fill out a lead capturing form. There are over 40 landing pages on their website with forms to fill out to receive more information from Bug-A-Way. This gives Bug-A-Way the advantage of having contact information for potential customers and the opportunity to follow up. As soon as someone fills out a form, Bug-A-Way receives an email and text informing them that they have a lead. That way, they can get in contact with that customer quickly. 

User-Friendly Web Design

Besides creating fast and visually appealing websites, at Zimmer Marketing, we make sure that our websites will be easy for the owners to use. On Bug-A-Way’s website, this meant using WordPress’s Gutenberg editor. This editor allows for easy drag and drop placement of photo, video, and text content into the custom stylized blocks, which give the website its unique look. This feature makes it very easy for Bug-A-Way to add new content as needed. 

Custom Business Websites from Zimmer Marketing

If you're interested in a new SEO-friendly website, the web development team is here to help. We will study your business needs in-depth to create a unique, sharp-looking website. Most importantly, your new website will be fast, simple, and draw in organic web traffic. If you want to dominate web browsers in your area, a website from Zimmer Marketing is the way to do it.

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