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Case Study: Building Customer Confidence with Your Website

Posted by Jason Dittmer on August 8, 2023 at 7:49 AM
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how to build customer trust on website
The website for your business is the primary marketing material you can leverage to build customer confidence in your company. Think about it like this: your website's landing page is like the resume for your business. It should be clear, concise and highlight the unique attributes of your business to build credibility with your audience. This week, we'll demonstrate how you can do this with samples from a recent web development project for Superior Roofing & Construction LLC.

Professional Video

One of the first elements you will encounter on the website's homepage is a high-production value video of the Superior Roof team doing what they do best. Video is one of the most engaging content forms and a tested and proven way to hold attention for longer. Appealing to the visual is ideal for demonstrating your competencies and skill in your industry.

Business Partnerships

Negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships with other established and respected firms in your area is an excellent way to build confidence among your potential customers. In the case of Superior Roofing, they have a partnership with a respected realty group, as highlighted on their homepage. 

Popular Endorsements

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest topics being discussed today, but it's nothing new. Building the credibility of your business by earning the endorsement of a popular figure with your audience is a good marketing decision. That's true whether the person is a local radio personality or an Instagram influencer, as long as they resonate with your potential customers. Superior Roofing features their endorsement by a popular local meteorologist. 

Product Qualifications

Superior Roofing features are established in the roofing materials industry, emphasizing their certifications for installing advanced products. To build trust with potential customers, you should seek out and highlight as many relevant third-party verifications of your expertise as possible. 

Customer Testimonials

Finally, a good business should have excellent reviews. Superior Roofing had a broad selection of fantastic testimonials available to feature on their homepage. And there are more testimonials on the website to back up those featured on the homepage.

Consumer Advice

Finally, as an established leader in your industry, you should be offering sound advice to your audience. It never hurts to provide quality information, even to those who will not ultimately buy from your business. It will help establish credibility and build goodwill between you and your marketing audiences, and in the end, you will earn more new customers and repeat customers. Superior Roofing does this with an active blog that offers increased visibility in search engines.

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