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Can You Really Track Brand Awareness?

Posted by Mark Zimmer on September 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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how to track brand awarenessBrand awareness plays a vital role in the success of your small business. But how do you know whether your brand awareness strategy is working? Like every other aspect of your marketing strategy, it’s important to track and measure brand awareness to understand if you’re getting the results you want and maximizing ROI. Tracking brand awareness can be challenging, so in this post, we’ve put together some tips for getting started.

How to Track Brand Awareness

Measure Website Traffic

These days, the first thing consumers may do when they hear about a company is go online to find their website and get more information. Website traffic can be a good indicator of how well your marketing campaign is working. As brand awareness increases, traffic to your website should increase, as well.

Track Blog Shares

Blog posts are easy to share, making them a good way to measure organic brand awareness. Use your website analytics to determine how well your blog posts are doing in terms of likes, shares, engagement, and external links. An increase in these metrics is an indication of an increase in brand awareness.

Work With a Research Firm

Considering hiring a marketing research firm to provide detailed analytics to help determine if you’re using the right marketing mix for building brand awareness.

Track overall sales

If you’ve launched a branding or awareness campaign but kept most of your other marketing the same, overall sales is a good indicator of how well your brand awareness strategy is working.

It can be difficult to track brand awareness, but it’s worth doing. It’s the only way you can be reasonably confident that your campaign is working. By measuring the results of your strategy, you can determine if you’re effectively reaching potential customers and getting a good ROI from your marketing efforts.


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