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Fallow Boutique E-Commerce Case Study

Posted by Brett James on June 7, 2022 at 8:45 AM

Ecommerce Websites

E-Commerce is one of the fastest-growing parts of the digital economy! A recent article from Forbes claimed 50% growth in e-commerce over the last couple of years, and this trend is showing no signs of stopping. With all this growth, you may be wondering how you can earn your business a share of the pie. This week, we'll feature one of Zimmer Marketing's most recently finished e-commerce websites, Fallow Boutique! Along the way, we'll offer insights into how you can compete in the online marketplace.

Fallow Boutique Website and Features is a new e-commerce website by Zimmer Marketing, which offers simple, streamlined online shopping to Fallow Boutique's customers. Fallow Boutique's needs for this website included:

  • Appearance
  • Speed
  • Secure transaction processing
  • Keyword optimization
  • Facebook shop integration

Design is one of the most essential elements of an E-Commerce site. Because shopping is highly visual (especially for fashion), it was important to have a clean and appealing design that compliments Fallow Boutique's women's clothing products. It was important for the design to reinforce the visual element of Fallow Boutique's brand identity by using the logo, fonts, and color palette coherently.

Speed is critical to a modern e-commerce site. Shoppers won't stick around for a website that has long loading times. Zimmer Marketing's private server gives an edge over the competition with its blazing speed. Additionally, because this website is purpose-built, it is unencumbered by junk code that would be present in a pre-built e-commerce website.

Data security must be a priority for any website, but especially for e-commerce websites that handle customer financial information. While brick-and-mortar stores may be more concerned with stopping shoplifters, an online shop must be vigilant to defend its data and its customers' data. Owing to the benefits of our private server and up-to-date security protocols, FallowBoutique is a secure place to do business.

Keyword optimization is what it takes to get found on the internet. As part of our web development process here at Zimmer Marketing, we researched the keywords most relevant to Fallow Boutique's products and structured their website's content to compete for those terms. This process is continual as we update their content regularly through blogging.

Facebook shop integration is one way Fallow Boutique gains an edge over competitors. Zimmer Marketing's developers set up their website's shop and Facebook shop to use the same content management system, meaning that sales made on Facebook are registered in the company's unified database. With this tool, they can effectively promote their products through social media without the headache of managing two different inventories!

Own Your E-Commerce Website & Data

By far, the most important aspect of running your own business and website is ownership. You would think that would be immediately obvious, but surprisingly, it's not. Many smaller companies fall into using e-commerce hosting services that offer an easy route to putting your business online. The catch is that you don't control your own data and website. So, you can't simply move off their service when you outgrow them. And this problem doesn't just plague easy e-commerce hosting services. Many full-fledged marketing agencies will also hold on to your website and data, charging you large fees to access what should be yours.

At Zimmer Marketing, our policy is different. We put your brand in your pocket. That means you own your brand, website, graphics, and everything else we produce for you. If ever you choose to take your business somewhere else, we put all YOUR data on a thumb drive and give it to you. We believe that you should have control of every part of your business and brand. 

Begin Your E-Commerce Journey Today!

If you're ready to follow in the footsteps of Fallow Boutique and experience the benefits of a Zimmer Marketing e-commerce website, you can start the process today!

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