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How much does radio advertising cost in Pittsburg, KS?

Posted by Chad Elliot on April 26, 2021 at 7:09 AM
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Interested in radio advertising in the Pittsburg, Kansas market? Radio is a time-proven way to get your message out. Zimmer Radio Inc. operates six stations in the Pittsburg market, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners every month. Here is everything you need to know about radio advertising in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Why Radio Advertising is Effective

Radio reaches everywhere. It is with you in the car, in public places like restaurants, at work, and at home. Often, when people listen to the radio, they are a captive audience. For instance, if someone is driving, it is unlikely that they will try to silence a commercial. Rather, they continue to listen. 96% of listeners stay tuned in during a 3-minute commercial break.

Human brains also retain audio information longer than visual information. Think about it: the memories from when you were a child are often blurry, but you can remember the song from a commercial or TV show like it was yesterday. This is another reason brand jingles have been so important for building brand awareness.

Why is radio advertising such a great value?

Radio reaches many people, approximately 91.5% of the U.S. population. Radio’s incredible reach, as well as the comparative strength of auditory memories, make radio an unbeatable medium. Radio also has the advantage of being regionally based. Zimmer Marketing stations reach almost 400,000 monthly listeners in the Pittsburg area. One of our stations, KIX 102.5 FM, reaches 134,000 listeners in the Pittsburg, Kansas area. Zimmer Radio has six stations in Pittsburg, Kansas with each having a different demographic of listeners. Zimmer’s hit music station Kissin 92.5 reaches a 58% female audience that tends to be young. 

Radio advertising in the United States yields an average return on investment of 12:1. This makes radio one of the best advertising investments anywhere. Another important benefit of radio is that radio has low overhead costs. It costs very little to produce a high-quality radio ad. This in turn maximizes the percentage of your ad budget that can be dedicated to airing your radio ad.

Radio Listeners Form a Connection with Their Favorite Radio Personalities

Radio is powerful in another way, too. When we listen to the same voices every day, we form a connection with that person. This is why relationships form between radio personalities and their audiences. An endorsement from a popular radio host can go a long way to boosting your brand. This is especially true when fans of a radio personality realize that by supporting your brand, they are supporting their favorite radio host as well.

Zimmer Radio Stations in Pittsburg, KS

KIX 102.5 

Format: Country

Frequency: 102.5 FM


Newstalk KZRG

Format: News/Talk

Frequency: 102.9 FM, 105.9 FM, 1310 AM


Kissin 92.5

Format: Contemporary Hit Radio

Frequency: 92.5 FM


Classic Hits 93.9

Format: Classic Hits

Frequency: 93.9 FM


Big Dog 97.9

Format: Mainstream Rock

Frequency: 97.9 FM


The Talker

Format: Talk

Frequency: 1230 AM


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