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How Radio Drives Online Search

Posted by Chad Elliot on December 14, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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radio drives online searcThere are more than 63,000 searches per second on Google. Your business should be among those searched for, and radio can help make that happen.

Radio drives online search, and a recent Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) study discovered that the average lift in Google search activity attributed to radio is 29%.

So, how does radio drive online search?

Top Reach of Audiences

Radio is the #1 top reach medium for audiences, capturing their attention when getting ready for work, driving to and from work, while running errands, during the workday and—frequently—keeping them company while they search the internet.

Connects Emotionally

Radio has been proven to connect better emotionally than other media, and that’s no surprise, as music helps to lift moods and soothe stressful workdays.

Music is also part of the natural entertainment environment, so its enjoyment can be used to increase recall of your message and spur action in your direction.

Engaging Creative

Creative quality has a direct impact on driving search activity, and radio offers some of the best opportunities for engaging creative. With ad production costs included in most radio packages, you can easily explore more creative messages, as well as a rotation of spots.

Establishes Trust

People trust radio and the personalities they listen to every day. Half of all listeners value their favorite personality’s opinion so much, they are more likely to purchase the items or services they hear advertised.

Listeners also tune in more when their favorite personality is on-air, and many fans will later discuss topics they’ve heard on their shows.

Offers Frequency of Messaging

Another great benefit of radio is its ability to offer not only more frequency of messaging, but multiple mentions of your business or service (and its location, phone number, and website) within the same ad.

Adding a jingle that starts and ends your ad, and serves as background, will help to increase recall—and drive even more search activity toward your website.

Tips to Increase Online Search with Radio

In these tips for radio advertising, we’ll share more ways of increasing search with your radio ads:

  • Choose a radio station that reaches your target audience. Taking advantage of this top reach medium—which offers more frequency at less cost than other media—offers you a win-win situation.
  • Work with your local media partner to develop engaging creative that speaks to your target audience’s emotions. Crafting a message that caters to specific customers will increase its performance. According to the RAB, these are the top five creative factors associated with increasing search activity:
  1. Including price deals
  2. News about your product and its features
  3. Stressing specific business locations
  4. Offering some non-priced offers; and
  5. Personalizing messages to specific targets
  • Partner with a radio personality or two. Since radio personalities help to establish trust, you can “jump on the bandwagon,” so to say. Use the power of these influencers to heighten emotions, raise awareness, strengthen sales, and build even better brand recall. You could even request a radio personality to be “the voice” of your ad, do a pre-taped quick question-and-answer type of spot or sponsor a show segment to get multiple mentions.
  • Advertise consistently and take advantage of a radio package that will frequently get your message across. Research suggests that hearing an ad three times increases its effectiveness. A schedule of three times a day (21 times per week) is also encouraged. This frequency of 3 and a pattern of 21/52 have been proven to be more effective in influencing consumers and building brand awareness for Joplin marketing efforts.

Radio is an exciting advertising medium, and it’s ready and waiting for you to take advantage of its many strengths.

With 63,000 searches per second, and radio offering a 29% increase in search activity, you have more than 18,000 reasons to tune into radio advertising today. And remember, for the best results, follow RAB guidelines and ensure your radio spot has engaging creative.

Bridge the distance between your brand and your buyer. Get radio. Get searched for. Get found.


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