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How to Effectively Use Interactive Quizzes to Increase Your Marketing ROI

Posted by Mark Zimmer on August 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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interactive quizzesThanks to ever-evolving technology, the path to purchase has changed, and the advertising world is always adapting to keep up with it. New channels, platforms, and tools are constantly being developed, giving marketers a truly vast array of options, including some unique ones, like interactive quizzes. These quizzes may not be new, per se, but they’re vastly underrated by most brands as a legitimate way to build engagement and develop leads.

Today we’ll take a brief look at how you can effectively use interactive quizzes in order to increase your marketing ROI and set your business apart from your competitors.

What Is an Interactive Quiz?

An interactive quiz is exactly what it sounds like: a digital quiz — usually featuring images, gifs, or video with every question — that users directly interact with by clicking on their answers. They tend to revolve around two formats, namely personality quizzes (e.g., Which Game of Thrones Villain Are You?), also called outcome quizzes, and knowledge quizzes (e.g., Can You Pass This PE Test for 15 Year-Olds?), sometimes called graded quizzes. As an entertainment content site, Buzzfeed’s quizzes can help you see the obvious differences between the two types of test, but at the same time, reveal little about what interactive quizzes can do to improve your ROI. Of course, quiz topics don’t have to be so flippant; they just need to capture attention and add a little fun to your content. Just remember that topics need to be properly aligned with your brand to maintain brand perception.

What Are the Benefits?

An interactive quiz really can do a lot to help your business truly connect with its audience. Here are just a few of the reasons for why they have an important impact on how you engage your customers.

Quizzes encourage people to directly interact with your brand.

Like other forms of digital promotions, such as sports brackets or sweepstakes, quizzes give people a reason to actively participate with your brand on topics that they’re already interested in. Even if it’s just a moment’s entertainment, you’ve provided value to the brand experience.

Quizzes provide information about your customers.

By their nature, quizzes allow you to gather information. Sometimes this is merely in the broad sense — for instance, a knowledge quiz could reveal that customers don’t understand an important industry topic and give you a new opportunity for valuable content. Sometimes it can be much more specific, such as if you prompt them to connect their social media account.

Quizzes are shareable.

The most popular quizzes are shared heavily on social media. That’s a lot of brand advocacy, and a well-designed quiz will appeal to this extended audience. Remember, 84% of these shares will happen on Facebook, so make it thumb friendly. People are also much more likely to share results they’re happy with, so do your utmost to be spot on, especially for personality and outcome type quizzes.

Quizzes can be educational.

This is most applicable for knowledge and graded quizzes. When a user answers a question, you have the opportunity to briefly expand on that topic, especially if they’d gotten the answer wrong. You also have the opportunity to point to other resources that your business provides.

Quizzes drive interest.

When you tap into the things you know your audience loves, you can leverage quizzes to align your brand with what interests them, drive up anticipation before events or launches, and even strengthen other digital promotions, like contests. For instance, Kissin 92.5 radio ran a quiz called, How Well Do You Know Ed Sheeran? This allowed music lovers and fans to test trivia knowledge, but it also entered them into a sweepstakes for free tickets to one of his concerts.

Quizzes drive leads.

If a user gets to the end of a quiz and is dissatisfied with (but not insulted by) the results, your business should be positioned to help them. For instance, a gym might offer the quiz, “How well do you know your workouts?”, while a tire shop may offer, “When is the time to change your tires?” The gym could offer links to content like explainer and how-to videos or to services like an in-house personal trainer, whereas the garage could provide comparisons of tire brands, wheel rotation services, and information about emergency roadside assistance for flat tires. Audiences that get to the end of quizzes like these are warm leads primed to trust your business and move to the next step.

When you can effectively use interactive quizzes as a part of your content marketing strategy, you can begin to increase your marketing ROI by collecting better data about your audience while having them actively participate with your brand, engaging directly with audience interests while providing a fun way to share your brand with their friends, and combining education with an easy way to build leads. At Zimmer Radio, we can help you combine interactive quizzes and other digital promotions for Joplin advertising campaigns, so contact us today.

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