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How to Find the Sweet Spot for Frequency in Your Annual Radio Advertising Schedule

Posted by Chad Elliot on August 9, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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advertising frequencyFinding the sweet spot for frequency in your annual radio advertising schedule can be a challenge, but it can affect the success of your radio advertising efforts and campaigns. At Zimmer, we believe that following a 21/52 plan can help you achieve the right balance and bring you success.

What is a 21/52 Plan?

When developing your annual radio advertising schedule, two factors are key: frequency and consistency. Frequency refers to the number of times an individual listener hears your message, and it’s vital for building brand awareness. With a 21/52 strategy, you air 21 spots per week, 52 weeks a year.

Things to Consider in Your Annual Plan

Months or Seasons of High or Low Sales

If you’re a retailer whose sales tend to be strongest during, say, the winter holiday season, it’s tempting to think you don’t need to advertise during those times. But pulling back on advertising when sales are high is a mistake. You run the risk that your customer will take their business to your competition, particularly if the competition continues to advertise.

During times when business is slow, advertising is a must. Not only is it likely to help boost sales, but just as important, it keeps your business top of mind, so customers will remember you when they’re in need of your product or service.

External Contributing Factors Throughout Year

  • Holidays
  • Seasonal
  • Back to school
  • Vacation

Plan your annual radio advertising schedule so that your ads are relevant to particular times of year, keeping in mind not only major holidays but also your customer’s seasonal needs and activities throughout the year, such as vacations and back-to-school shopping.

Annual Budget

One of the benefits of a 21/52 plan for your advertising is it helps in planning your annual budget. It enables you to ensure that you are not spreading your budget too thin.

Annual Marketing Strategy

A 21/52 plan also helps you address the need for consistency in your annual marketing strategy. Building brand awareness and staying top of mind with the customer requires a sustained advertising plan. A 21/52 plan allows you to build frequency in the minds’ of listeners to earn this top of mind awareness.

Strategy and Planning

Work with your media partner to develop a plan that addresses the points above to find the sweet spot for your radio advertising’s frequency. When creating your annual radio advertising schedule, each of these factors can help you (and your media partner) strategize to create a unique plan specific for your business’ needs. Each of the factors can have different affects on your plan and its success, so draw on your media partner’s expertise to implement a 21/52 Plan for your annual radio advertising schedule.

At Zimmer, we believe that a 21/52 advertising plan will help provide the best results when developing your Joplin, Missouri, marketing strategy. Contact us to help you find the sweet spot for frequency in your annual radio advertising schedule.


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