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How to Make a Great Roofing Company Website

Posted by Mark Zimmer on July 2, 2024 at 7:00 AM
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At Zimmer Marketing, we've created plenty of websites for local roofers. And while every website is unique, there are several consistent elements that every roofing website should have. What are those features? Let's take a look.

1. Show Before You Tell

As a roofer, the final result of your job on a home or business should catch the eye and scream style and quality. Your website should heavily emphasize the visual with video or professional photography. A drone video of your roofing crew hard at work is an excellent choice for the top of your home page.

2. Lean on Social Proof

For a roofing business, perhaps nothing is more valuable than testimonials from your customers. Prominently place reviews from your customers on your website. The graphic design of your site should naturally draw your visitor's eyes to the testimonials.

3. Feature Brands and Roofing Types

Featuring your materials' brands and types with logos (if approved) and indexable text is essential. The company logos of your materials suppliers will look great on your homepage and boost your professional credibility, while the copy on your site will help your SEO performance. 

4. Regularly Update Your Site with Fresh Content

Maintaining a blog or portfolio with photos from recent roofing projects is important for your online performance. Visual-heavy content tends to perform much better than purely text content with site visitors and leads to more conversions. However, you should ensure that you are placing keyword-targeted content with your photos to boost your search engine optimization and get found by potential customers.

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