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How to proceed with SEO for my website?

Posted by Melanie Gaudette on October 22, 2020 at 8:00 AM

SEO for my websiteInvesting in SEO for your company’s website is one of the smartest things that you can do in any economy. Since the majority of a website’s traffic comes from organic searches, you’ll want to make sure that your digital real estate is ready for prime time. If you’re looking for SEO help in Missouri, you’ve come to the right place. Zimmer Marketing is a full-service, Joplin-based marketing agency that specializes in SEO campaigns, website design and development, and much more. We realize that SEO can be a little overwhelming at first glance, so we’ve listed some of our best actionable tips to get you started.

#1 Become the Authority Online

There’s loads of information on the internet, but much of it goes unnoticed because people don’t trust the content’s sources. To capture your audience’s attention and more of its business, you’ll need to produce content that consistently showcases your brand’s expertise in your field. The content should be engaging and enlightening, and it should align with your organization’s overarching business strategy. Since establishing trust with an audience takes time, the best time to start generating insightful content on a regular schedule is right now.

#2 Update Keyword Research for User Intent and Voice Search

The days of guessing about keywords and stuffing them haphazardly into content is thankfully over. Today’s search engines are all about the user experience, and they reward websites that aim to give visitors the information for which they are searching instead of irrelevant content that’s filled with a bunch of keywords. Your website will be a hit with the search engines and site visitors if you create content that focuses on user intent and voice search queries. When you match good content with keywords and phrases that express the user’s true intent, you’ll attract more visitors who belong to your target audience.

#3 Use Optimized Video

Video content helps to add “stickiness” to your website. A “sticky” website is one that causes site visitors to linger on a page longer than they would normally stay there. When visitors stay for a lengthy amount of time on one of your website’s pages, search engines rate the page higher in the SERPs than similar web pages that attract visitors for shorter periods of time. Besides making search engines happy, adding video to your content offerings makes them more appealing to site visitors.

Not just any video content will do, however. To be effective, you’ll want to optimize your videos for a great user experience. We’ve seen clients who have excellent videos with eye-catching titles to share, but those videos get sidelined by visitors because of slow loading times. Optimized video content uses data compression techniques to reduce file sizes without compromising video quality. The results are speedy load times for engaging, high-quality videos.

#4 Add Customer Testimonials

Site visitors and prospective customers love to hear what other people have to say about a company’s products or services. They trust these product and service reviews more than your well-crafted product descriptions and other marketing content. Why not put your loyal fans to work for you? With video testimonials of your customers’ experiences with your products, services, and sales representatives, your prospects will get honest opinions of your offerings that are made complete with unmistakable body language.

#5 Take a Mobile-First, User-Friendly Approach

When it comes to today’s SEO, users reign supreme. The latest trends that work focus on making content that’s valuable and easy to digest. These trends employ knowledge of human behavior to create content that resonates with certain audiences. The psychology of SEO also guides marketing managers’ choices of communication channels when it’s time to distribute content. We know that website traffic that comes from mobile devices surpassed PC-based website traffic years ago. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely missing out on a good deal of traffic and e-commerce sales. If you need SEO help in Missouri to make your website more responsive to mobile users, contact us today.

#6 Build SEO Into Your Design

Great SEO is a result of many different marketing activities working harmoniously together over time. To get the greatest return on your investment, you’ll want to build SEO into the design of your website from the start. With Zimmer Marketing, it’s possible to turn back time and get the optimized website that you wish that you had when you started your business. We combine the latest SEO best practices and web design protocols to develop websites that get noticed by search engines and mobbed by site visitors.


As a marketing manager, you know how important SEO is when it comes to generating new leads and ultimately increasing revenue. However, pitching unrealistic SEO yields to your boss is a recipe for disaster. The best way to manage expectations for SEO and make more targeted investments in your SEO campaigns is to start with an audit. Our audits cover everything from content to the user experience, and we have the expertise to make the needed fixes to quickly get your team moving on the right path. Contact us today to schedule an audit and find out why we’re the best SEO agency Missouri.

Zimmer Marketing is a full service marketing company Joplin MO providing SEO, Web Site Development, SEM campaigns, OTT, Pre-Roll video services, video production, social media management, and marketing.

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