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Power Your Campaign to Victory with Local Radio

Posted by Mark Zimmer on October 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Political Radio Advertising
With the November 2022 midterm election coming up in a month, now is the critical time to make a persuasive appeal to voters. However, getting your campaign's message out can be difficult in this noisy and busy world. That's why Zimmer Marketing is such a great choice to partner with your political campaign. We own six radio stations in the Four States and are a full-fledged marketing company. Radio on its own reaches 90% of voters and costs a fraction of TV advertising. But more than that, Zimmer Marketing integrates radio and digital media to reinforce your consistent messaging to the voters. So, whether your campaign needs 30-second radio spots or a full campaign website, Zimmer Marketing reaches voters with your message.  

Reach 400,000 Monthly Listeners with Your Campaign Message 

Traditional (AM/FM) radio and its accompanying digital streams reach almost the entire U.S. adult population. Digital radio formats are also gaining popularity. In 2019, over 60% of American adults listened weekly to online radio. This means that most of the voters you are trying to reach can be found listening to the radio.

Recent research has shown the massive degree to which local radio, both FM and AM formats, influence voters. For instance, local radio reaches approximately 82% of swing voters! Even a relatively modest 10% budget allocation to AM/FM advertising increases voter reach by 8%. 
Now is the perfect time for your candidate to take full advantage of this medium to reach 90% of voters while TV channels are losing their audiences. In addition, to reach, radio advertising allows you to diversify your campaign and reach more voters without upping your political ad spending. Here's how to utilize radio in your political campaign.

Lean on Zimmer Marketing's Team for Message Delivery 

At Zimmer Marketing, we're the four-states branding experts. That means when it's time to take your message to the voters, we can help you do it. Whether helping to write effective scripts for radio ads or crafting the wording of your website, our skilled branding team can help you put out a message to stand behind. Zimmer Marketing has been serving the Four States longer than anyone else, and we have an in-depth understanding of what will resonate with the people of the Four States. We will partner with you to craft impactful messaging that will influence the voters of the Four States. 

Tips for Local Political Radio Ads

For any campaign, maximizing the impact of all paid media is paramount. Fortunately, there are some practical and accessible ways to do this with local radio. The first way is to create intensely local radio ads. That means you should be speaking to the specific listeners of a given station, which can be achieved with minor details like calling out the station your campaign is running ads on by name. 

A second detail worth noting is that radio is a notoriously more personal form of media, and listeners feel connected with the personalities they hear on the radio. A powerful way for your campaign to influence voters is to have your candidate make a personal appeal in their voice, eschewing over-reliance on professional voiceovers. 

SEO Development for Campaigns

To supplement a powerful local radio campaign, your campaign website should be easy to find and engaging. When a potential voter searches for the office you're running for, is it your website that comes up first or another candidate's website? What about an important issue for your campaign? The answer should be your website. We will ensure that your campaign website is search engine optimized. At Zimmer Marketing, we're the SEO experts in the Four States. You can count on us to make your website SEO-friendly so it gets seen by the voters.

Learn more about radio political advertising, and reach the Four States!

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