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Does Your Website Feature Product Review Videos?

Posted by Danielle McCollum on February 14, 2023 at 7:00 AM
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If you're searching for ways to improve user experience on your website, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better solution than offering high-quality video content. In particular, product review videos are some of the most effective ways to upgrade your website. Why is that? Let's take a look at some reasons.

Product Review Videos Drive Engagement

As a digital content type, video continues to perform better than many other formats, including pure text, audio only, or static images. Google reports that over 50 thousand years of product review videos have been watched on YouTube in the last two years. And as more and more shoppers move their buying habits online, the demand to see products in action before purchasing is only going to increase. Now we don't recommend that you feed all your web traffic potential to Google. Instead, we recommend that you tap into the demand for product review content by placing high-quality product review videos on your website to increase engagement. 

Product Review Videos Help Your SEO

We've spent plenty of time covering the benefits of content marketing on the Four States Business Blog. Most of our emphasis has been on the importance of blogging for increasing your website's prominence online and building relationships with potential customers. But did you know that you can also implement an effective content marketing strategy with videos? Videos contain the same basic SEO elements as blogs do. These days, Google even indexes your video for a transcript. Product review videos can be a gold mine of relevant keyword-dense content to help your site rank. In fact, 87% percent of marketers using video say that traffic to their website has increased.

Product Review Videos Provide Value to Customers

One of the most important concepts in content marketing is the idea of providing value to potential customers. When you create candid product review videos, you're offering value to your web visitors before they've ever even purchased anything. This gesture of goodwill can help you build trust with your potential customers so that they will be much more likely to choose your business to meet their needs if they decide they need the products you offer. 

On the other hand, if a web visitor watches your video product review and opts not to purchase a product you're selling, that can also be positive. Often, uninformed customers buy a product they think will work for their purposes, but it is intended for something other than their application. This can make them upset and cause them to feel taken advantage of (even if that is the farthest thing from the truth). By offering quality product review videos, you can help people avoid buying the wrong product for their needs and thus avoid having unhappy customers. Plus, you will still have received their traffic to your website, which can help your site rank higher in the future!

Tips for Creating Product Review Videos

Now that we've covered the reasons product review videos can be so helpful to your business website's growth, we can look at some tips for creating effective ones.

1. Identify a Problem
Start a video by identifying a relatable problem with which your potential customer can relate, for instance, mildew on their home's siding.

2. Explain How the Product Solves the Problem
Talk about how the product can remedy the problem when used correctly. Getting technical here is okay as long as you keep it interesting.

3. Show the Product in Action
Just like in school, you've got to show you're work. If you say a product can do something, your potential customers need to see it.

4. Have good lighting and audio
Product review videos don't have to be overly fancy. However, dark or harsh lighting, or fuzzy audio, will distract viewers and potentially cause them to stop watching your video.

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