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Radio Advertising Case Study: Windows and More

Posted by Danielle McCollum on February 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM

Pairing Radio and Digital to Boost Advertising Results

Every once in a while, we like to feature a branding client at Zimmer Marketing. We feel that these real-world case studies put a face to the concepts behind branding and offer useful ideas for other small business owners in their quests for brand success. One of our most successful radio advertising campaigns in the last few years has been for Windows and More. And this week, we'll showcase some of their radio spots and provide some insights into making successful radio branding campaigns. 

Radio Branding for Windows and More

Before commenting on them further, let's listen to some recent radio ads for Windows and More.



Branding Elements

What are branding elements, and how are they used in these radio ads? Put simply, the branding elements are those features of the ads that remain consistent in each. For Windows and More, the following are all branding elements:


In each of the radio ads, you will notice that the background music is the same. This upbeat but non-distracting music serves more than just to set the mood. People remember what they hear. And, in this case, people come to associate that music with Windows and More. With enough repetition, radio listeners only need to hear the music, and they think of Windows and More.


These ads begin in various ways, usually with a skit or story, but always end with the consistent, familiar, and authentic voice of the owners of Windows and More.


The final branding element in these ads is the slogan: "Never settle for less. The choice is clearly Windows and More." The slogan allows Windows and More to package their primary message in a memorable way, which they have become known for with consistent advertising.

Storytelling in Radio Advertising

One of the most important parts of radio advertising, or any advertising, is storytelling. Want we want to do when creating an ad is to begin with an interesting, relatable, and entertaining story. In these ads for Windows and More, storytelling is always the starting place. We want to capture the attention of and entertain the listener, so the main message of each ad sticks in the hearts and minds of the audience.

Award-Winning Radio Advertising from Zimmer Marketing

One of the ads for Windows and More, "Sagging," earned Zimmer Marketing a second-place award from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters in 2020. This and other radio branding projects continue to make Zimmer Marketing the best marketing and branding company in the four states.

Bobby Goofy

Build Your Brand with Help from Zimmer Marketing

Are you ready to follow the lead of Windows and More and create a branding campaign that will grow your business for years to come? At Zimmer Marketing, we've helped countless businesses in the four states secure an expanding market share and make their mark on the Joplin area. Get started on your radio advertising journey today!

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