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Spring and Summer Marketing Tips for Plumbing Companies

Posted by Kylie Davis on April 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM

marketing tips for plumbing companiesMany homeowners think of seasonal plumbing maintenance as winterizing — insulating pipes and sealing up cracks. However, plumbers know that spring and summer brings its own risks for plumbing issues. We’ve put together some tips to market your plumbing company during spring and summer.

Spring and summer plumbing issues

With the warmer weather comes increased water usage, making it important to look for signs of trouble with pipes. Homeowners may realize that standing water in their yard is a breeding ground for mosquitos, but what they may not consider is that it could also be a sign of a broken or cracked pipe. In addition, spring showers and summer downpours can cause issues with septic systems and sewer lines that consumers may not think about.

Reminding consumers of these often-overlooked maintenance and repair issues can help build brand awareness and keep your name top of mind when they are in need of a plumber.

Tips for marketing in spring and summer

Before planning your spring and summer marketing campaign, take the time to understand your target market. Who are they and what are they doing during the spring and summer months? What are the marketing channels that will be most effective with your target audience? By understanding your audience, you can more effectively develop your marketing message and communication strategy.

Identify the channels your target audience is using. For example, during warmer weather, people tend to be outside more, and they bring their radios along with them — picnics, gardening, washing the car, or relaxing on the deck. In addition, they’re on the go, spending even more time in their cars than usual. This means increased opportunities for plumbing companies to reach their target market through radio advertising.

Use your messaging to educate and inform. Many consumers are not aware of the plumbing issues that can arise during warmer weather. By providing customers with relevant information, your position your company as an authority and help keep your brand top of mind when they need a plumber. Using on-air personalities in your radio spots can be a great way to accomplish this. Many listeners regard their favorite radio personalities as people they know and trust, making them an ideal choice for providing valuable tips to consumers and helping build brand awareness.

Plumbing issues can, of course, be very serious, but your messaging doesn’t always have to be. Engage your audience with fun and memorable content. Get creative with your messaging. For example, use personification and deliver your message from the point of view of an aging pipe under the house. Hire voice-over talent to impersonate a famous person talking about plumbing issues. Share an interesting story about helping save the day by resolving a customer’s plumbing problem.

Spring and summer are great times to build brand awareness by making consumers aware of warm weather plumbing issues that can arise. It will help keep your brand top of mind to grow your customer base and increase sales.


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