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Stock, Professional, or DIY? | Best Use Cases for Photography

Posted by Jason Dittmer on May 21, 2024 at 7:00 AM
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In the world of branding and marketing, there is near-constant debate about the benefits of stock, professional, or DIY photography. While all types of photography have their benefits, each has its place where it's best used. This week, we've put together a brief guide to help you determine where to use each of these photography types.

Professional Photography

This type of photography offers the best presentation but has the highest costs. Professional photography should be used in your most prominent branding materials, putting the face on your company.

Business Website
Your home page, about page, and other important pages for the image of your company should feature high-quality photography of your business locations, equipment, products, and staff.

Signs and Banners
Banners and signage are big ticket items for your business that lean heavily on the visual. They should feature the best possible imagery representing your business.

Business Cards
To the degree that your business cards feature photography, such as headshots or storefront, your pictures should be professionally done. 

Stock Photography 

Stock photography licenses are more affordable than professional photography. Stock images are generic and usually unsuitable essential branding materials, but they have their place.

Business Website
Certain pages of your website can benefit from stock photography. Background images or places that only require more general imagery, such as a photo of a neighborhood, represent excellent use cases for stock photography.

Digital Marketing
Stock photos provide fast accessibility to images that can be used to optimize digital campaigns. They may be incorporated into digital marketing platforms such as Google Ads, which thrive on images that visually connect the problem your potential customer is trying to solve with a service or product you offer. 

DIY Photography

Personal taken photos have some distinct advantages. Camera phones have rapidly advanced and are now capable of taking high-quality images. DIY photography is also very authentic and inexpensive, with the added advantage of full ownership of any pictures you take.

Regular blog posts with candid DIY images of your products and services offer your web visitors a glimpse at how your business runs and boosts your credibility.

Social Media
DIY photography excels on social media. Your social media audience wants to know they are really interacting with you, and your self-made photography reinforces this aspect of your social media presence. 

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