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Successful Business Starts with Successful Recruiting

Posted by Mark Zimmer on December 13, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Recruitment marketing strategies
A business can't run without qualified and skilled staff. Unfortunately, for many business owners, attracting and retaining recruits is more challenging than it has been in recent years and, in some cases, ever. Right now, there's very little indication that these labor market conditions will substantially change any time soon. You will have to get much more competitive at attracting talent for your business to succeed. This week, we'll offer some tips to help improve your recruitment marketing efforts.

U.S. Labor Market Conditions

Before we jump into our discussion of recruitment marketing, let's take a quick look at the current labor market. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are about 10 million job openings, while only six million individuals are unemployed. If everyone wanting a job found suitable work tomorrow, there would still be four million unfilled jobs. While there have been many theories floated to explain this mismatch - from early retirements to young male workforce non-participation, the only thing clear is that the labor shortage in the U.S. economy is not likely to remedy overnight.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

At its most basic, recruitment marketing is communicating the advantages of working for your business through various strategies and channels. Some important parts of your recruitment marketing message are your company culture, benefits, and compensation. But as with all marketing messages, those that will resonate the best are the ones that tell a story and speak to the heart. Simply publishing a list of job requirements and compensation will not get you very far. Potential recruits need to know how working for you will make them feel and how their life will improve when they come to work for you. 

Recruitment Marketing Channels

Based on the numbers job market numbers referenced above, it's likely that your ideal candidate is already employed. So, your marketing channels must be geared to reach potential recruits where they're at. Because of this, job boards are probably not your best bet. Instead, choosing marketing channels your ideal applicant will encounter as they move through their day will be more productive.


Opportunities for the distribution of video content online are increasing every day. Promoting your recruitment message through video provides the opportunity to candidly show what working for your company will be like to your future employees. Plus, video is consistently one of the most engaging content formats.


Local radio has the advantage of broad reach. Radio can reach someone in almost any context, in the car, restaurant, or office, just to name a few. Radio is an excellent choice for reaching passive job seekers who may already be employed but are open to taking their talents elsewhere. 

Digital Display Ads

Digital display ads can capture attention as people browse the internet. Display ads have the advantage of being more targeted, so you can serve ads to those with characteristics that make them a likely match for your open positions. Or, you can select which sites or streaming services will reach your ideal recruits most effectively.

Business Website

Your business website is likely an under-leveraged asset to your recruitment marketing efforts. We recommend that you streamline your employment form, promote it more prominently, and let applicants know that you will read and respond to applications.

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