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The Many Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Posted by Chad Elliot on November 2, 2017 at 8:00 AM
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benefits of social media marketingSocial media marketing has become an important driver of brand awareness and customer engagement, as well as an efficient way to share content. A Hubspot survey indicated that 92% of marketers believe their social media marketing has increased exposure and 80% believe it has increased customer traffic. Global leaders in audience engagement technology, such as Futuri Media, have embraced the importance of social media marketing as a part of their client solutions services. Brands are benefitting from the unique opportunities provided by social media marketing as part of an integrated approach to reach new customers and increase engagement.

Audience Insights

Social media is a great way to get to know your potential customers and makes it easier to build relationships with existing customers. A great way to use social media is to ask your followers questions. Their answers can provide valuable information, and it demonstrates that you care about them. When you get to know your customers on social media, you can better meet their needs and provide them with more relevant content.

Customer Service

When customers have a problem, they’re looking for a solution and they want an easy way to find that solution. Social media is the perfect platform for meeting both of those needs. It enables brands to provide the quick response customers have come to expect, which increases the likelihood that customers will recommend your brand to other people. By enhancing customer service via social media, brands can provide a smooth interaction and avoid some of the trouble spots, such as long hold times, that can drive customers away.

According to SproutSocial, 90% of consumers say they have communicated with a brand via social media, and over 35% of customers say that social media is their first choice when seeking customer care, rather than contacting a company by phone or email. Customers like having the ability to interact directly with a company when they have a comment, question, or concern. In addition, by interacting with them in a public forum, potential customers are able to get to know your brand and gain an understanding of the kind of customer experience they can expect.

Content Distribution

A powerful benefit of social media marketing is the opportunity it provides brands to educate consumers. By aligning your content with the interests of your audience, you improve the likelihood that your customers will share your content, which enhances referral opportunities. In addition, the ease of distribution provided by social media enables brands to repeatedly expose customers to the company’s message, which is an important way to shorten the sales funnel.

Brand Influence

Social media is, by its very nature, a way to get people talking. The more people talk about your brand, the more influence you have. Social media is a great way to establish authority, increase reach, and get people talking.

Website Traffic

Sharing content on social media is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. It provides the opportunity to reach potential customers who are not familiar with your brand or who might not find your company through a keyword search. By generating inbound traffic, you increase conversion opportunities.


It can be a challenge to keep up with constantly changing SEO requirements. However, sharing content on social media has become a significant factor for search engine rankings. Driving website traffic via social media increases your brand’s authority in organic search. In addition, your social media profile can also rank in search engines, making it important that your social media profiles are complete and current.

Your competitors are using social media marketing to increase reach and engagement with their customers. It’s essential to reach your customers where they are and engage with them via their preferred method of communication. The benefits of social media marketing are too important to ignore.


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