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Top 3 Advantages of a Svelte Website

Posted by Jason Dittmer on January 31, 2023 at 7:00 AM
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Web development with Svelte
At Zimmer Marketing, we're always pushing boundaries to serve businesses' marketing needs better. One way our web team has been doing that recently is with cybernetically enhanced web apps powered by SvelteKit. Svelte websites allow for a faster, more interactive, and more engaging user experience, resulting in better marketing results for our clients. Below, we'll explain why Svelte can revolutionize business websites for the better. 

What is Svelte?

Before we dig into the reasons we think Svelte websites are so powerful, we should explain what Svelte and SvelteKit are.

Svelte is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It differs from traditional frameworks in that it compiles components into highly efficient imperative code rather than using a slower virtual DOM. This results in smaller bundle sizes and faster updates.

SvelteKit is a static site generator and server-side rendering framework for building web applications using Svelte. It provides tools for building and deploying fast, modern, and modular web applications with Svelte. It also includes features like code splitting, automatic routing, and APIs for handling server-side rendering and data fetching.

Advantages of Svelte Websites

Now that we've discussed what Svelte is, we can break down some of the top reasons Svelte offers such unmatched potential for business website use. 

1. Svelte Unlocks Powerful Animations

Animation is more than just flashing colors on a screen. Well-designed animations are an increasingly sought-after feature in business websites. When done properly, they guide the user through the page drawing attention to useful information that helps your potential customers navigate and enjoy their experience while driving conversions. Svelte offers incredibly powerful tools for creating modern, innovative, and engaging animations. 

2. Svelte Is More Efficient Than Other Frameworks

Svelte isn't the only JavaScript framework out there, but in our opinion (one shared by a growing number of developers), it is hands down the best one. Others, such as React, Vue.js, and Angular, can't keep up with the efficiency of Svelte. Svelte is much easier for developers to learn and use, while it also uses fewer resources, making it blazing fast compared to other JavaScript frameworks. 

3. Svelte Allows for Advanced Features to Boost Engagement

Svelte allows us to go beyond animations on your business website. With it, we can create advanced website features like games and real-time chat apps. These capabilities can help your business website stand out from your competition and offer value to your web visitors. 

See Svelte in Action

One of the first sites we worked on in our journey to create JavaScript-based single-page web apps was a website for Zimmer Marketing's Big Dog 97.9 radio station. While creating this website, we tried various other frameworks and found that Svelte offered exactly what we needed. We wanted to create a streamlined user experience, allowing page visitors to listen to the radio while navigating the site to read articles and engage with other content.


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