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Train New Hires Faster with Orientation Videos

Posted by Brett James on September 6, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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As a small business owner, you've doubtless felt the crunch of the current labor market. It's hard to find qualified employees right now. Many small businesses have increased their recruitment marketing efforts as an important first step to navigating this difficult business climate. But what comes next after successfully hiring new people? Onboarding can be a taxing process and deserves some consideration and forethought. 

Difficulties Training New Hires

For many small businesses, bringing new people onboard involves a lot of passing information along by word of mouth. The small number of employees you have spend a substantial amount of time doing show and tell to help new team members learn the ropes. At its best, this process is a tried and true method of passing on important skills from one individual to another. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why training new staff this way can be inefficient.

1. Inconsistent training

Often, people have their particular way of doing things, which may not always be how you want new team members trained. That issue can compound if your company has multiple employees teaching the same part of the job but with different techniques.

2. Confusing instruction

Just because one of your team members is excellent at their job doesn't necessarily mean that there good at teaching it. A new employee may find it hard to learn from a leader that understands their job intuitively.

3. Inefficient use of time

When you're company is short-staffed, it can be a big ask to slow down productive workers and have them train new hires. 

Speed Up the Onboarding Process with Orientation Videos

Training videos are one of the most effective ways to alleviate the problems listed above. Orientation videos allow for a standardization of the training process, so new employees learn how to do their job correctly. It also allows you to slow down the instruction process and make it easier to understand. Videos allow rewinding if a review is needed. And most importantly, orientation videos allow your already trained staff to stay productive while your company is busy onboarding new team members.   

Orientation Videos by Zimmer Marketing

For smaller, local businesses, standardizing the training process with orientation videos is often complicated by limited internal resources. That's why we produce custom training videos for local companies at Zimmer Marketing. We can create scripted and well-structured videos to teach your new hires how to perform the tasks necessary for their job. But rather than being general-purpose orientation videos, they will be specific to your company, so your new employees don't waste time learning things that don't apply to their role.

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