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Zimmer Cares 2019

Posted by Mark Zimmer on February 4, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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Zimmer Cares 2019

Non-profit organizations are committed to serving and improving the local community, but marketing is often a major challenge. To help support their missions, the Zimmer Cares program gives $50,000 of free radio advertising to a select number of non-profit organizations each quarter that were selected by Four States listeners. This allows the organizations, which often struggle to get their message out, to benefit from the power of the radio group's reach and advertising skill. Such a boost can result in a significant increase in donations for the charity, and therefore, to the good that it can do in the community.

Recipients are nominated through a variety of sources, including public voting. This period, we congratulate four winners, who each get a promotional program under this initiative.

The Zimmer Cares Winners

We are proud of this year’s winners and the work they’re doing in the local community. Learn more about their mission and the issues they’re working to improve.

Fostering Hope

Every year, 250,000 children enter the foster care system across the United States. Roughly 20,000 of them will age out of the system without having been adopted. Fostering Hope recognizes the strain this puts on both the children and the system, and it works to alleviate this burden by supporting them in the state of Missouri. This non-profit offers mentoring programs, food support, foster agency staff appreciation events, and more to provide hope and support to children, foster families, and agency employees.

Children's Haven

Serving a unique need in the community, this organization helps children and families by providing crisis care in times of emergency. Children’s Haven offers a safe, temporary home to children 24/7/356, while providing assistance to families who need help resolving their crisis. This, it believes, helps to reduce the risk of child abuse, which often occurs when parents are overly stressed. Access to this service is free of charge, so that families - regardless of their financial status - can receive help when they need it.

Watered Gardens

The Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission runs a homeless shelter and provides basic necessities like food and clothing for those who may be poor or homeless. But this is just one aspect of their services. They also operate a shop where residents create things to earn money, offer career readiness and character development training, and are building a residency center where entire families can stay together.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri

This well-known organization provides a variety of activities and programs to help kids develop into adults with good life skills, character, and job readiness. It works to instill a sense of "competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence." There are also programs for teens, which can be hard to find elsewhere in some areas. Thanks to this award, more people will learn about all that the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri has to offer the community.

Once again, we congratulate the winners of Zimmer Cares 2019 program. We look forward to seeing them continue and expand their operations in our communities.


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