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Zimmer Marketing Can Grow Your Roofing Business

Posted by Mark Zimmer on July 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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Are you ready to find new clients and expand your local roofing business? Increasingly, homeowners are turning to online sources of information to find roofers and other home services. Is your roofing company competitive in the online space? Zimmer Marketing can help with the web development team. We can build, host, and manage your website and other online properties.

Roofing Company Websites in Joplin, Missouri

At Zimmer Marketing, our web development team builds fast, reliable, and modern websites to help clients grow their businesses. As a local marketing company for the four states and Joplin, Missouri region, we specialize in helping local businesses grow their market share, despite the power of large national companies. One of the most important areas local businesses must compete in is online.That's why we've built dozens of websites for companies around the four states, including roofing companies.

What makes Zimmer Marketing Websites So Good?

At Zimmer Marketing, each site our web development team builds is fast and secure. Our websites are hosted on our private server, which is extremely fast and helps your website score well on Google Core Web Vitals metrics. This will help your roofing company website place higher on the search results page. Additionally, privately hosting websites keep your website away from potentially unsecured third parties who could have malicious intent. Security is more important than ever, especially considering the number of ransomware attacks that have targeted companies recently. 

Search Engine Optimization for Your Roofing Business

Often, when someone needs a new roof or a roof repair, the first place they turn is the internet. They'll search for a reliable company and hope to find recommendations from others who have used the company. When homeowners start searching for a roofer, Zimmer Marketing is here to help your company get found.

The Google search results page is one of the most important gateways to new customers finding your roofing business. For many years word-of-mouth has been a primary method for home roofing companies to gain new customers. Still, as an increasing number of people turn to quick Google searches from a mobile device to find a roofer, it will be essential to rank high on the search results page in your service areas. Millennial homeowners, who are now becoming homeowners at a blistering rate, are particularly prone to finding home services online.

The web development team at Zimmer Marketing performs extensive keyword research to optimize the website of your roofing business. We will determine what search terms homeowners and businesses in your service areas search for when seeking the services your roofing company offers. That enables us to write effective content for your website that helps Google know to bring searchers to your website to meet their needs.

Google My Business Listing Management

A final ingredient to the online success of your roofing service business is your Google My Business account. Maintaining an active and accurate GMB account ensures that your business is easy to locate and vet for people who haven't seen your website yet. Those who search for home service businesses online tend to rely on reviews from your previous customers. At Zimmer Marketing, we will keep your Google My Business account in good order, so your public persona is every bit as good as your service is.

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