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4 Reasons Why Celebrating Success Builds a Powerful Company Culture

Posted by Pam Larimore on January 4, 2022 at 7:00 AM

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Here we are in the new year and now seems like an excellent time to get reflective. As small business owners and staff, it's easy to focus on setting goals and objectives. It's all about breaking through to the next level of success. And, while that's important, it's also important to look back and celebrate achievements from the past year and new success when it happens. This blog is all about why you should celebrate successes big and small to build a robust company culture that will continue your winning streak for years to come.

1. Celebrating Success Reminds You of Your Potential

As a business owner, there are often ups and downs. 2021 may have been a particularly rocky year for your business. Supply chain breakdowns, worker shortages, and more had to be navigated. Nobody ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy, right? But pause and take stock of all that your business has overcome in the past year, how much progress you've made, and you will soon see that you are more than capable of doing what's necessary to lead your business through uncertain times. Take a break and relish your company's successes. Breath in, and rest assured that you have what it takes to do the same this year!

2. Celebrating Success Motivates Your Staff

But as a small business owner, it's not all about your personal motivation. You likely have a dedicated team that relies on your leadership and that gives your company the backbone to succeed. You should celebrate with your staff the successes of both the company and their personal achievement throughout the year. Did members of your team perform well in 2021? Tell them. It's never safe to assume that your team knows you've noticed their hard work; you must say so and reward their effort. This builds powerful company culture that motivates your team to even greater levels of success. You'll be rewarded with a loyal group of dedicated staff ready to tackle whatever comes their way. 

3. Successful Company Cultures Attract Successful People

When you take the time to celebrate company success and employee success, you're building a company culture of positive reinforcement. Company cultures that recognize success are a joy to work in, and your team will notice. A happy staff tells about their positive experience in your company, which attracts other successful people who want to work in a place that celebrates and rewards achievement. That's the kind of reputation that you can't fake. You can write whatever you want about your company culture in your employment position listings, but if that doesn't match the experience of your current team, it won't matter. But if your team experiences a positive company culture and tells people about it, you will undoubtedly have qualified people who want to come work for your company. 

4. Celebrating Success Helps You Reflect on What Did and Didn't Work 

Many small business owners look back on the past year and look at plans that didn't work out. However, it's better to look at your successful strategies in the past year. Because there are many ways to do things that might not work out, it's better to imitate previous company success rather than overreacting to something that didn't turn out as expected. It's better to spend most of your time focusing on what worked, celebrating that success, and planning to build on it this year. Avoiding negativity in your year-end review process and keeping an optimistic eye on your companies' successful initiatives will help set the stage for your best year yet!

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