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5 Things to Expect from a Local Marketing Partner

Posted by Pam Larimore on July 27, 2021 at 7:00 AM

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Are you considering growing your business through marketing? Good marketing can be of incredible benefit to your business, securing your future growth and earning your company mental real estate among your future customers. Zimmer Marketing offers many services to our marketing clients. Here are five things you can expect from marketing with us.

1. Zimmer Marketing Plans a Marketing Strategy to Fit Your Needs

At Zimmer Marketing, we believe in starting at the beginning. That means sitting down with you to listen and understand what makes your local business unique. Every business has differentiating characteristics, and your business is no exception. When we dig down to understand the ins and outs of what you do, you can be certain that will enable us to make effective recommendations for your next steps in your brand-building journey. Starting a marketing plan right means your ad spend dollars will go the farthest they can, and your business will have excellent results. 

2. Custom SEO Website

Nothing compliments a marketing campaign like a high-performance custom website. The web development team at Zimmer Marketing builds fast and reliable WordPress websites from scratch. We don't use web design templates here. That's because we want your website to be unique and match your brand's style and feel. Building websites from scratch also means your website won't have unused junk that makes your website load slowly. Additionally, every website Zimmer Marketing builds is search engine optimized so that your business dominates in search results within the area your company serves. Our fast and user-friendly websites perform well with Google's new Web Core Vitals standards.  

3. SEO Blogging

The internet is a constantly changing thing, and your website's SEO is no exception. One of the most important elements of ranking well on the search results page is fresh content. Fresh content lets the search engine know that your website is active and serving searchers' needs. When search engines see this, they're more likely to put you high up on the results page where potential customers can see you. That's why at Zimmer Marketing, we write two SEO blogs a month for your website. This keeps your website active, increasing your competitiveness for important keywords, and lets your customers know you are knowledgeable on the topic their researching. 

4. Bricks and Mortar Radio Marketing

Radio is an incredibly powerful advertising medium. And, at Zimmer Marketing, we are experts when it comes to radio advertising and brand building. We have six stations in the Joplin, MO, and Pittsburg, KS market, each with its own unique listening demographics. This allows us to offer you unparalleled reach for your radio campaigns.

At Zimmer Marketing, we use the bricks and mortar system by marketing genius Chuck Mefford. Each brick represents an individual ad in this system, while the mortar represents the elements that don't change between commercials. The mortar can be music, a voice, or a slogan, but whatever the particular elements of your mortar, it will build your brand a unique identity. We recommend a 21 52 advertising plan. This means your ad or group of ads will run 21 times a week all year long. Listeners need to hear a message 3 times a week for it to stick. By running your ad 3 times a day, you increase the odds that a listener will encounter your message enough to remember and act on it.

5. A Responsive and Dedicated Marketing Team

One of the most important things we offer you at Zimmer Marketing is responsiveness. Our clients frequently remark on how quickly we respond to their needs. Through our project management system, we rapidly respond to any updated needs you have. This speed gives your radio campaigns or website campaigns agility, meaning you can adjust things as needed to boost your business and maintain steady growth.  

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