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Does Your Marketing Plan Include OTT Video Ads?

Posted by Danielle McCollum on August 23, 2022 at 7:00 AM
OTT advertising
Recently, we've covered the benefits of integrated marketing plans. One tool that we briefly referenced is OTT marketing. You may have wondered what that is and how it might be useful to your business, so this week we'll dig deeper into over-the-top video ads.

What does over-the-top mean?

Over the last decade, you may remember frequent news stories covering cable cutters (people transitioning away from cable and satellite TV subscriptions). In its most basic form, the term cable cutters referred to anyone who canceled their cable subscription in favor of nothing at all, free local TV, or internet-based streaming. However, the most common replacement for cable and satellite has been streaming. Now vast swathes of the TV-viewing market never watch any satellite, cable, or local TV. Where did those eyeballs go? They went to over-the-top streaming services, where they could choose what and when to watch.

How has over-the-top changed people's entertainment viewing habits?


1. Broader content selection

Gone are the days of a few top shows commanding huge primetime ratings. Nowadays, just about any show or film can be watched on demand. Also, with nearly unlimited distribution pathways, the market is now open to more new shows. So, not only do TV shows have to compete with numerous other new shows, they have to compete with an archived catalog of every popular piece of entertainment content ever made. For instance, The Office has remained incredibly popular to stream a decade after the show ended.

2. Viewing times

Viewers are now permanently liberated from the coveted 7 p.m. time slot. They can watch a new show at any time of the day. Midnight and 8 a.m. are essentially equal in the world of streaming. Now there are certainly hotter times for streaming (evenings remain dominant), but depending on the audience, this can fluctuate considerably.

3. Binge watching

We've already discussed older content competing with new shows and movies. Binge watching is one of the most obvious results of large show catalogs. A person can spend days, weeks, or months watching an old show to the exclusion of all others. But the binge watching phenomenon has also changed how some new shows made for over-the-top audiences are published, with platforms like Netflix famously releasing whole seasons of a series at once. 

How to Use OTT for Small Business Marketing

Now that we've covered the basics of OTT, we can focus on what it means for your advertising and marketing. Like traditional TV and its more expansive cousins, satellite and cable, most OTT platforms have (at least in part) an ad-based business model. That raises the question, "How can you benefit from using OTT ads?" Over-the-top streaming ads offer some major advantages and generally fill the role that local TV ads would have a decade ago.

Geographic Targeting

One big benefit of local TV ads for small businesses was access to a more local geographic area. While a given station broadcast to perhaps a fifty-mile radius, local companies could be reasonably certain that most of the viewing audience were potential customers. However, now that local TV viewership is shrinking, small businesses must find alternatives to fill that advertising gap. Fortunately, OTT ads allow for even more specific geographic targeting, so you can only serve your ads to audiences where they're most likely to want your products or services. You could choose particular counties, cities, or even neighborhoods.

Target Specific Audiences

Digital marketing applications such as OTT ads allow for much more clearly defined audiences, so you can determine what types of viewers you will serve advertisements. Different types of content sort audiences into useful segments, which your business can benefit from when narrowly tailoring ads for particular audiences. 

Zimmer Marketing OTT Advertising

If you're interested in diversifying your integrated marketing plan with OTT advertising, Zimmer Marketing can help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Our video production and creative team will create ads that set your brand apart and earn your company top-of-mind status locally. We place your ads where they'll benefit your business the most. Even better, you only pay for ad runs if at least 25% of your video is viewed!

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