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How Radio Can Drive New Patients to Your Private Practice

Posted by Mark Zimmer on April 11, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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radio advertising for private practiceIn the face of various challenges, like increased competition, declining reimbursement and insurance changes, private practices need new and effective marketing techniques to maintain a steady flow of patients.

Radio can help with this. It is the largest reach platform, delivers great return on investment (ROI) and has the potential to influence consumer behavior. When used effectively, radio can drive new patients to your private practice - and keep them coming back. Here is a closer look at how radio advertising can help attract more people to your practice.

Optimize Reach and Frequency

Radio helps you achieve the right mix of reach and frequency needed to influence a listener to visit your practice. With 93% of adults tuning in each week, radio has the largest reach among other platforms, including TV and smartphones.

Also, an effective radio advertising strategy will maximize your ad frequency. This refers to how many times an individual listener hears the add. The more often someone hears your message, the more likely that they will come to your practice. Aim for a frequency of 3, which means reaching each listener three times per week, for the best possible results.

Deliver Authentic Endorsements

When you advertise through radio, you are able to capitalize on the influence and reach of radio personalities. On-air personalities foster trust with their audiences, and their endorsement of your practice will catch the attention of listeners. In other words, they can act as an influencer for your brand, which works quite well.

How effective is an authentic endorsement from a radio personality? Consider this: 56 percent of radio listeners indicate that radio talent is the primary reason they tune into their favorite stations. In addition, 8 out of 10 radio listeners will consider trying something recommended by their favorite radio personality. When used well, it’s highly beneficial to leverage endorsements in your ad strategy.

Host Community Events

Community events hosted by your practice can draw in new patients, and radio stations can get the word out. By inviting a radio personality to your community-focused event, you will likely see your attendance increase. Most radio listeners will go out of their way to meet their favorite radio personality, and 4 out of 10 people indicate they have met a DJ in person in their community. Many of those who come to your event, and have the chance to learn more about you and your practice, can turn into new patients.

Support Digital Marketing Channels

Radio advertising does not prevent you from using other marketing platforms. In fact, pairing radio and digital marketing can actually boost your advertising results as they serve two different purposes. Radio is designed to increase brand awareness while digital drives action - together they can help attract more patients into your practice. To get the best results, ensure that the marketing campaigns run simultaneously and the marketing message is consistent.

Radio continues to be an effective marketing platform, especially for practitioners looking to drive new patients to their private practice. For help building and launching radio advertising campaigns, learn more about Zimmer and how our marketing experts can help you bring in the patients you need for success.

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