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Zimmer Cares: Community Spotlight - Children's Haven of Southwest Missouri

Posted by Chad Elliot on June 5, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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Zimmer Cares 2019Zimmer Cares has one central purpose: Helping nonprofits committed to serving the local community. Each quarter, the program gives $50,000 of free radio advertising to a nonprofit organization that make a positive difference in the area.

With the financial support, the Zimmer Cares winners – who are selected by Four State listeners – can more easily and efficiently disseminate their message, which bolsters their various campaigns to improve the community.

Children’s Haven is one of the nonprofit organizations voted as a recipient of Zimmer Cares’ free radio advertising. The organization, located in Joplin, Missouri, provides area children ages 0 to 17 with temporary shelter in a safe, secure environment while their parents or guardians work to resolve family crises that may detrimentally affect the children.

Creating a Safety Net

Established in 2003, Children’s Haven operates 24/7 and is staffed with professional and highly skilled child advocates. One unique aspect of the organization is that children can stay at the shelter on their own without parents necessarily losing custody. The group’s mission is to provide services that protect children, prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce family stress, and ultimately keep families together.

In a report titled “Advancing the Common Good,” a group of community organizations, educators, social workers, community members and other stakeholders found that child abuse was a major issue in Southwest Missouri. In fact, the rates of abuse in the area nearly doubled the Missouri state average. According to Children’s Haven, “It was noted that too many times in our area, an innocent child suffered the repercussions of a caregiver’s overwhelming stress.”

Children’s Haven was founded to help address the problem and contribute to a comprehensive safety net for children and families experiencing crisis in the Four State area. Additionally, the organization is a member agency of United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas, the Neosho Area United Fund, and the Carthage Area United Way.

In 2018, Children’s Haven had 390 children from 202 families stay at the shelter for a collective 4,599 nights of safe, nurturing care. They also provided more than 19,000 health meals and snacks to the children.

Providing a Bridge

Children’s Haven is intended to be a temporary solution while families work through critical situations that include, but aren’t limited to, fear of child abuse or neglect; lack of food or utilities; homelessness; parents seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment; parent or sibling hospitalization; or incarceration of a parent. The organization acts as a bridge to help families pass through a crisis on the journey to creating a healthier family dynamic and more stable home environment.  

While children are in the care of Children’s Haven, they receive a wide range of services including:

  • Transportation to schools, doctor’s appointments and other activities
  • Three meals and two healthy snacks each day
  • Educational support, including school supplies and homework assistance
  • Fun activities and field trips

Getting Involved

We are excited to partner with Children’s Haven through Zimmer Cares to promote the organization’s mission and further its worthwhile cause through local radio advertising. The organization relies on donations, in-kind labor, and volunteerism from the local community to achieve its objective. There are numerous opportunities to partner with the organization in a variety of traditional and creative ways. For more information, visit the website or call (417) 782-4453.

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