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The Perfect Media Mix to Find the Right Candidate

Posted by Mark Zimmer on September 19, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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RecruitmentWhen it comes to running a successful business, talent is everything. The people you select to run your operations greatly influences how well you can reach your goals. Finding and attracting the top talent in your industry can prove quite challenging, however. But you can make the hiring process much easier by using the digital and traditional marketing landscape to your advantage. With the right media mix, you can drive talented job candidates to your business with far less effort than ever before. Here’s how to get started.

Make a Quiz and Share It on Social Media

Quizzes are interactive and a lot of fun to complete, giving job candidates a chance to engage with your company immediately. And you can acquire a lot of incredible insights from all their answers.

Create your quizzes with lots of questions surrounding your company culture and the job itself. With those questions, you can make sure the candidates are an excellent fit for your company —and vice versa. Then, share on social media to start driving job candidates to your business.

Write Up a Helpful Blog Post

Your website is another awesome place to share information about your job openings. But you need to go beyond simply posting your job listing to make the biggest impact. You can do so by posting blog posts about your open positions, company culture, and more.

Your job candidates can then explore the available positions in detail and even share them with their social networks. You can also post links to your blogs on social media and encourage your network to share.

Create a Video of Your Company

When businesses post videos along with their job postings, their application rate jumps by more than 30 percent, according to Career Builder. So, make this a regular part of your job posting process to bring in more applicants and interest in your company overall.

In making your video, you will want to share all the most important aspects of your enterprise. 

You could:

  • Highlight your mission and values
  • Allow candidates to meet the team
  • Share a look at a typical day in the office
  • Give applicants a video tour of the company
  • Provide a glimpse into company perks and activities
  • Use your video to help candidates see what it would be like to work for your company —and make them feel compelled to apply.

Share Your Job Opening on the Radio

Although the digital landscape offers many different ways to engage with job candidates, it is still no match for the power of radio. By running your job openings on your local radio stations, you can reach tons of potential candidates as they tune into their favorite programs.

To ensure you attract qualified individuals, make sure your radio ads indicate the talent levels needed for each open position. Provide a glimpse into your mission and values as well to attract talent with goals that align with your company’s.

Dream Up Fun Visual Content to Share

Eye-catching visual content beautifully finishes up your perfect media mix for finding excellent job candidates. With visual content, you can immediately capture the attention of your target audience and give them plenty of opportunities to engage with your company.

And it does not need to be complicated. You can share memes and photos on social media or post fun infographics on your website. Back up the images with links to helpful information to optimize the job search experience for all your candidates.

Accelerate Your Marketing Success with the Perfect Media MixFinding the right candidate for the job is always a challenge. But with the right media mix, you can bring in many talented individuals who are interested in working for your company. You can make it even easier by utilizing the right media partner to get it all done. That way, you can find talent anywhere and achieve all your employee recruitment goals. For help creating your perfect media mix, reach out to our team at Zimmer Radio with a call to 417-624-1025.

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