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6 Things That Will Determine Your Radio Advertising Costs

Posted by Chad Elliot on May 6, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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 radio advertising costs As every business has unique marketing needs, radio advertising costs can vary quite a bit. A simple Google search of “radio advertising costs” will provide broad ranges, like $200 - $5,000 per week, which isn’t very helpful when planning your advertising budget.

However, exploring the factors that affect the costs of radio ad campaigns can help you zero in on the value of this investment. Below we’ve outlined six key factors that determine radio advertising costs.

1. Quality

As you the adage goes, “You get what you pay for,” and quality plays a major role in determining radio advertising costs. This includes the quality of production, audio, copy, creative and call-to-action - all of which can impact the effectiveness of your advertising.

At Zimmer, for example, we provide radio creative as an added value for our clients. Working with a radio station with a dedicated creative services department promotes consistency across all marketing channels, gives you access to experienced professionals, increases efficiency and much more. The extra service and support may come at a cost, but it is well worth the investment.

2. Expertise

When running a radio ad campaign, it’s best to work with a marketing partner that has strong experience and expertise creating and placing ads for similar businesses and with proven results. Despite the higher costs, it is worth going with a team that has a strong track record of success.

You can rely on their insights and guidance in creating effective ad campaigns that promote the success of your business. Their expertise will shine through all of your campaigns, helping to increase your marketing return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, through your partnership, you can capitalize on their connections to media outlets and resources for all your advertising campaigns.

3. Frequency

The frequency in which you run your ads will also determine your overall expenses for each campaign. While working within your budget range, you want to run ads consistently to regularly engage with your target audience. This keeps your brand top of mind, leading to increased traffic to your website, social media channels and store locations.

Although your exact business needs will determine your optimal frequency, many brands use a 21/52 strategy with great success. To follow this strategy, you must commit to running your ad 21 times each week throughout the entire year. With this approach, your brand has 1,092 distinct opportunities across 52 weeks to reach your target audience.

4. Placement

When it comes to radio advertising costs, placement matters. Radio listeners tune in and out of their favorite radio stations at predictable times throughout the day. As this occurs, the audience size changes, resulting in higher- and lower-value ad spots.

In order to reach the highest number of people at once, you will have to reserve those higher-value ad spots. If your ads run during the morning drivetime (6am to 10am), for example, you will likely pay a higher price due to the large number of listeners tuning in during that time. An effective media partner will help you find the best ad placement options for your budget to give you the best value.

5. Market Size

The size of the radio market, or size of signal, greatly influences costs. This refers to the number of communities or the general area a station covers and the potential number of households and listeners included in the data. Running ad campaigns in large markets, like New York or Chicago, comes with higher costs compared to smaller markets since there is an opportunity to reach more households filled with potential listeners.

6. Add-Ons

To enrich your radio advertising campaigns, your radio partner may offer add-ons to help you reach your marketing goals. At Zimmer, we offer the following services as add-ons:

  • Branding
  • Live endorsements
  • Direct broadcasts
  • Jingles
  • Digital solutions
  • Recruitment services

Pairing radio with any of these services has the potential to boost your advertising results. However, tacking on additional services will impact your final advertising costs.

Weighing the Factors That Determine Your Radio Advertising Costs

By assessing the factors that impact radio advertising costs, you can better understand the true value of effective radio advertising. To receive an accurate estimate, work with your media partner to build an ad campaign that meets your budget expectations. You can also contact the team at Zimmer who can maximize your advertising budget and get you in front of 190,000 different consumers each week in Joplin, MO, and the surrounding Four State area.

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