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Hey, I Just Heard You On the Radio! (5 Things to Expect When You Partner with Zimmer)

Posted by Kylie Davis on August 17, 2018 at 8:00 AM

radio Zimmer Radio has been a promotional powerhouse since the 1950s, offering the very best in programming, education and advertising opportunities for our partners. Over the years, we've expanded into a variety of different mediums but radio is still at the heart and soul of everything that we do. We continue to invest in the best on-air talent, broadcasting, software and tools to ensure that our business partners continue to see exceptional value and growth. We help brands of all types and businesses of all sizes dominate the mental landscape by reaching consumers when they are most open to your messages -- when they're commuting or listening to the radio. Here are 5 outcomes you can expect from your customers when you partner with Zimmer Radio.

1. Increase in Sales and Business Growth

We hear new and exciting success stories from our clients on a regular basis, but some really stand out in our minds and hearts. Recently, Allied Restaurant Supply reached out to share that they had seen a 20% increase in sales during their first year as an advertiser with Zimmer Radio! Stories like this keep us pushing forward with new and innovative trends. Read more of our success stories when you download our free eBook.

2. Greater Reach for Your Business

Did you know that radio alone reaches 93% of individuals over the age of 18? This lucrative market is often listening to the radio during rush hour or their morning commute -- two of the best times to connect them with your message. Let our advertising professionals work with you to define the ideal timeframe for your particular brand. Nearly half of adults use radio as their primary in-car audio source, meaning you've got their undivided attention for between 30 minutes to 2 hours every day!

3. Partner and Work Alongside a Great Team

Our passionate team of creative professionals has extensive experience in radio and promotion, such as our talented Web Developer and Graphic Designer, Wraine Meadows. He particularly loves working alongside the big personalities of the Zimmer Radio team, would vacation in Bora Bora and is always up for a Captain Morgan's and pineapple juice. Our Morning KIX Co-Host Kaylee Cole is another fun team member. Kaylee once ate a chocolate covered cricket, loves Cowboys football and Garth Brooks.

4. Spread Awareness

Radio commercials are known to be especially effective -- over 90% of the audience sticks with the station even when they go into an advertisement. If you need to spread awareness in a local area, radio is one of the most effective mediums. The Zimmer Radio team recently partnered with Watered Gardens Rescue Mission to create more than 40 PSAs that were heard by nearly 200,000 listeners who were educated on how these common-sense solutions come together with compassion to make a difference in the lives of the community.

5. Make Your Branding Stand Out From the Crowd

In the highly competitive home improvement space, Henkle's Ace Hardware needed to stand out from the crowd. Radio allows an interactive conversation about customer service and community support -- two topics that are always engaging for radio listeners. Automotive-related businesses in particular are a great fit for radio advertising as we help you create brand name recognition with local listeners.

When you're ready to start broadcasting a message to a highly-engaged local audience, contact the professionals at Zimmer Radio today! You can contact us online via our quick form or give us a call anytime at 417-624-1025. We will work with you to create a comprehensive marketing plan to meet your aggressive growth goals.

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