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17 Actionable Digital Marketing Stats You Need To Know In 2020

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Elevating Your Brand with BrandsFormation Fall 2019

The Value of Setting SMART Advertising Goals

Zimmer Cares: Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Missouri

Seven Small Business Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Results

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Using Social Influencers to Boost Advertising Results

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How to Use Radio to Improve Your Audio Branding

6 Clear Signs of Successful Business Branding

The Best 6 Digital Marketing Tools for Law Firm Marketing

6 Secrets to Writing the Perfect Radio Ad Script

7 Types of Digital Advertising Every Marketer Need to Know

Web Analytics: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website

Using Radio Jingles to Boost Your Advertising Results

How to Allocate Your Marketing Budget to Drive Growth

Zimmer Cares: Community Non-Profit Spotlight-Watered Gardens

Why Trust is Important When Choosing a Media Partner

How to Build a Winning Digital Branding Strategy

Long-Term Marketing Strategy: 5 Things You Need to Know

7 Things to Expect From a Full-Service Marketing Agency

How to Get Started with Local Advertising

Missouri Broadcasters Association Award Winners

First Radio Spot? 6 Things You Need to Know

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Geo-Targeted Ads

How to Allocate Your Digital Marketing Budget

5 Things You Need to Know About Media Buying

4 Powerful Ways Radio Jingles Can Strengthen Your Branding

Why You Need Digital and Traditional Advertising For the Best Results

The 6 Secrets to Branding Your Business

How to Build an Integrated Marketing Strategy

What is an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

The Best Digital Advertising Agencies Have These 7 Things in Common

Zimmer Cares: Community Spotlight - Children's Haven of Southwest Missouri

Elevating Your Brand with BrandsFormation 2019

What is Geotargeting and How Does It Work

Pros and Cons of Working with a Digital Advertising Agency

How Joplin Radio Can Drive Your Company's Bottom-Line Growth

What to Look For in a Digital Advertising Agency

5 Ways Mixing Radio and Digital Advertising Will Boost Results

6 Things That Will Determine Your Radio Advertising Costs

5 Things Successful Advertising Campaigns Have in Common

The Major Role Radio Plays in the Customer Journey

10 Ways Restaurants Can Use Local Radio

6 Recruitment Content Ideas to Help You Find Top Talent

How Location-Based Targeting Can Boost Store Traffic

Simple Guide to Native Advertising

How Radio Can Drive New Patients to Your Private Practice

Why Radio is the Key to Driving Foot Traffic to Your Business

Zimmer Cares: Community Non-Profit Spotlight -Fostering Hope

Team Zimmer: Randy Brooks on KIX 102.5 received recognition as one of the best PDs in America!

5 Things You Should Know About Brand Awareness Campaigns

4 Factors Hurting Your Website Performance

Radio and Search: A Winning Combination

Celebrating MJ's 10 Year Anniversary

P&G Investing Heavily in Radio after an Absence and Trying Digital

Strength and Resilience of Radio

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Partner

Why Quality Content is the Driving Force Behind Great Advertising

Pairing Radio and Digital to Boost Advertising Results

How Radio Personalities Extend Their Influence Off-Air

7 Powerful Stats to Convince You to Try Radio Advertising

Retargeting: Why This Digital Advertising Tactic Works

Marketing to Women: 4 Strategies Auto Shops Can Use

Why BrandsFormation Stands Out from Other Branding Workshops

The Power of Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Our Jingle Workshops Make It Easy to Create a Jingle for Your Business

Shop Local Spotlight: Henkle's Ace Hardware

Zimmer Cares 2019

Going Digital: 5 Ways to Reach Tractor Supply Customers Online

Why Combining Radio and Digital Equals Success for Auto Repair Shops

How Joplin Radio Can Drive Foot Traffic to Your Urgent Care Clinic

How to Market Your Lawn Business During the Winter Months

Why Radio is a Perfect Fit for Your Legal Marketing Campaign

Why You Should Be Marketing Your Roofing Company Year-Round (Even in the Winter)

5 Top Elements of an Effective Law Firm Website

Why Employer Branding is Key to Recruiting Top Talent

Brandsformation Recap

What's Trending in 2018 for eye care professionals (ECPs) (and How to Position Your Practice for 2019)

The Elective Procedure Client: Who They Are and What You Need to Know

Connecting with the Next Generation (4 Recruitment Marketing Tips)

Shop Local Series: How to Market your Retail Store in the Digital World

The Role of Social Media in an Auto Repair Shop

Gone Viral. Now What? The Importance of Digital Brand Management

Top 3 Digital Solutions for Every Business

Tis' The Season for Creating A Marketing Plan-Are You Ready?

Consistency is Critical (What That Means for Your Home Improvement Marketing)

The Huge Value of Jingles

How to Manage your Brand with your Digital Solutions

What Digital Solutions are Best for my Business?

Buy Local: Marketing in your Community

Pros and Cons of Going Social

Harness the Power of Radio to Reach the Right Talent and Grow Relationships

Spotlight: The Major Impact That Honor Flight of the Ozarks Has on Veterans

Top KPIs to Track for Successful Digital Advertising and Great ROI

Get Ready to Transform Your Brand at BrandsFormation!

Digital Advertising Tips for Beginners

Is Branding Frivolous for Farms? (Definitely Not!)

Everything You Need to Know For BrandsFormation Fall 2018

You Can Advertise Effectively WITHOUT Discounting

4 Things You Should Do Before You Advertise

3 Reasons Consistency Is Critical for Your Home Improvement Marketing

A Family Affair: Who You Need to Reach with Your Living Facility Marketing

6 Tips for Great Radio Creative

The Value of Jingles

Why Keyword Targeting Outshines PPC

Bring Visitors Back: Understanding Your Retargeting Options

Hey, I Just Heard You On the Radio! (5 Things to Expect When You Partner with Zimmer)

5 Ways SEO Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The Importance of Reviews for Four State Law Firms

When it Comes to Four State Area Radio, There's Only One Clear Choice

Digital Opportunities Are Growing (And So Are We!)

Today's Auto Shoppers Are Mobile-First. Is Your Marketing?

Joplin Law Firms: What's Your Difference Maker?

Summer Marketing Ideas for Joplin Business Owners

How Radio Supports Short- and Long-Term Marketing Goals

"Home Envy" and Other Factors that Motivate Your Prospects

Radio Delivers Real Results for Four State Area Businesses

Joplin Lawyers: Time to Fish Where the Fish Are

Fill Your Marketing Cup, One Medium at a Time

What Makes Patients Switch Dentists? How to Reach and Resonate with New Clients

Morning KIX with Randy & Kaylee Takes Home 2018 MBA Award

AM/FM Radio Continues to Top the Charts (4 Quotes from Rush and Nielsen)

Does Your Radio Partner Do Digital, Too?

Trust, Transparency, and Other Key Traits to Demonstrate in Dealership Marketing

Get to Know Zimmer Radio: Spotlight on Wraine Meadows

Radio: The Only Truly Portable Marketing on the Planet

6 SEO Tips for Joplin Attorneys

Why You Need More Than the Yellow Pages to Grow Your Joplin Home Improvement Business

4 Ways to Improve Your Nursing Home Marketing

4 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Joplin Lawn Care Business

3 Reasons Mechanics Need Branding, Too

Get to Know Zimmer Radio: Spotlight on Jill Prater

Show You Care — 5 Visual Marketing Tips to Promote Your Assisted Living Facility

Joplin Farm Equipment Suppliers: Your Brand Makes a Difference

Get Ready for Go Time! 3 Tips to Prep Your Joplin HVAC Business for the On-Season

6 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Optometry Practice

Why Your Mom and Pop Auto Shop Should Think About Radio

Help Your Community Stay on Top of Severe Weather

How to Get Stuck in Your Customers’ Heads

Get to Know Zimmer Radio: Spotlight on Kaylee Cole

Joplin BrandsFormation a Hit Among Local Marketers and Business Owners

Is it Actually Advertising You’re Investing In?

Law is Your Game (So Leave Marketing to the Experts)

Good People are Hard to Find (Especially When They're Already Employed)

3 Steps to Successful Farm and Tractor Marketing

Everyone is Time Poor: What It Means for Your Marketing

4 Ideas to Promote Your Joplin Elective Procedure Practice

"Your Time Should Be Spent in the Field," and Other Reasons to Outsource Your Home Improvement Marketing

3 Tips to Tune Up Your Joplin Auto Repair Shop Marketing

4 Ways to Use Radio Advertising to Attract New Dental Patients

Tips for Positioning Your Joplin Tractor Supply Business

The Ups And Downs of Word of Mouth

Get to Know Zimmer Radio: Spotlight on Thom Watts

Where You Need to Go to Work on Your Brand

Introducing Chuck Mefford, Creator of the 4-Step BrandsFormation System

Digital or Traditional? (Don’t Fall for Either/Or Thinking!)

36 Facts that Prove Radio Can Help Your Business Reach Customers and Drive Sales

6 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Might Not Be Working

Is Your Digital Marketing Really Working? 9 Questions to Find Out

First Comes CNA, Then Comes ROI

Facebook's News Feed Has Changed (What it Means for Marketers)

Why Your Store Flow, Parking, and Hours Matter

How Do Your Customers See Things?

Are You Training Your Customers to Wait to Buy Your Product Cheaper?

4 Reasons Why Radio Matters

Part 3 of 3: Key Ingredients for Small Business Success

Uncovering Your Difference Maker

The Many Brand Benefits of Cause Marketing

Why Advertise if You Can't Show ROI? 4 Steps to BrandsFormation

The Bricks and Mortar Approach (How a Brand is Built)

4 Ways Bad Branding Can Mean Bad Business

Part 2 of 3: Key Ingredients for Small Business Success

How Radio Drives Online Search

Don't Get Lost in the Holiday Chaos

Part 1 of 3: Key Ingredients for Small Business Success

Tips for Your Brand Facebook Posts this Holiday Season

Why Your Discount Isn't Going to Drive Results

Ministry Spotlight: Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission

How Much Should You Spend on Radio in 2018?

Our Top 6 Reasons We're Thankful to Be a Joplin Business

The Importance of a Customer Needs Analysis

Why 2018 is the Year of 21/52 Advertising Plan

Radio Works for B2B, Too

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin: How to Own a Daypart or Station

The Many Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Business Spotlight: Allied Restaurant Supply's New Website

These 3 Marketing Mistakes are Scary Bad!

Winter is Coming—4 Tips to Reach New Patients

Is Your Advertising Budget Too Low? Let's Break it Down

Does Your Restaurant's Website Include These 4 Things?

People Don't Buy Products or Services—They Buy Promises

Avoiding Cliches: How Your "Friendly Staff" and "Great Customer Service" are Killing Your Creative

Branding is NOT Marketing: Getting to the Heart of Your Business

3 Reasons Why Local Politicians Need Great Websites

How Best Of Contests Energize Local Businesses

Your Logo is NOT Your Brand

Why Branding Is Critical During a Political Campaign

Put Radio Personalities to Work for Your Business

Why Procter & Gamble Had to Cut Its Digital Budget: Trendy Tools Don’t Mean Winning Results

How Your Hospital Can Use Radio to Boost Marketing ROI

Can You Really Track Brand Awareness?

How to Get New Visitors to Your Casino, and Keep Them Coming Back

9 Marketing Metrics to Track Year After Year

Frequency of 3 and How It Works

Pros and Cons of Advertising During the Home Improvement "Off Season"

4 Essential Pieces of an Effective College or University Marketing Strategy

How Often Should I Be Advertising?

Why Your Brand Matters (and How to Make it Powerful)

10 Reasons It's Great to be a Business in Joplin

How to Effectively Use Interactive Quizzes to Increase Your Marketing ROI

5 Steps to Help Your Specialty Surgery Center Stand Out

How to Find the Sweet Spot for Frequency in Your Annual Radio Advertising Schedule

5 Ways to Know if Your Joplin Marketing is Working or Not

Communication is Key! 4 Things to Never Keep from Your Marketing Partner

How Digital Promotions and Radio Go Hand in Hand

9 Tips to Attract New Dental Patients

Why Summer Can Lead to Unexpected Boosts in Radio Listening

Engaging Today’s Patients: 8 Healthcare Marketing Tips

6 Ways Casinos Can Win Big with Radio

Why We Believe in the 21/52 Advertising Plan, And You Should Too!

6 Tips for Effectively Using Digital Promotions

How to Make Your Business a Destination Despite Being in a Low Traffic Location

How Hot Weather Impacts Dining

3 Things Every Roofing Company Needs to be Doing With their Marketing

How to Calculate Your Sales Cycle and Why This Should Impact Your Marketing Decisions

Are Your Marketing ROI Expectations Realistic?

How to Choose the Best Media Partner for Your Joplin Advertising

The Power of Branding: How to Increase ROI for Your Law Firm With These Quick Tips

Are Outside Factors Impacting Your Marketing ROI?

5 Consumer Trends that Pop Up During the Summer Months

10 Questions to Answer to Know if You're Ready to Advertise Your New Business

8 Hospital Marketing Trends Worth Examining

Trending Marketing Tips for Your Law Firm: Don't Get Left Behind

How Summer Can Negatively Impact Your Marketing, and How to Prevent It

A Deep Dive into the Evolving Roofing Customer: Who They Are and What You Need to Know

Don't Waste Your Advertising Dollars With a Bad Website

Expanding Your Marketing Reach with One Secret Weapon

How Radio Can Deliver for Your Recruitment Campaign

The Dos and Don'ts of Branding Your Law Firm Effectively

What Every HVAC Company Should be Doing in the Summer to Ensure Business in the Winter

The 2017 State of the Yellow Pages: Are Your Legal Clients Using Them?

Spring and Summer Marketing Tips for Plumbing Companies

Pros and Cons of Yellow Page Advertising

Why an Updated, Optimized, and Professional Website is Critical to Your Business' Success

Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Advertising

10 Ways to Know if You Need a New Website

Pros and Cons of Newspaper Advertising

8 Questions to Determine if Your Roofing Company's Brand Messaging is Working for or Against You

Pros and Cons of TV Advertising

The Traffic Equation and Why Your Location Impacts Your Advertising Needs

Pros and Cons of Billboard Advertising

Pros and Cons of Radio Advertising

10 Fact-Based Reasons Your Law Firm Should Consider Radio Advertising

How to Save Time and Money When Marketing Your Home Improvement Business

5 Beliefs About Marketing That are Hurting Your Law Firm's Success

The Art and Science of Frequency in Marketing

How to Increase the Value of What You're Selling with Powerful Branding

The Theatre of the Mind, and Other Reasons Why Audio is Powerful

How Radio Ad Pricing Works

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Radio Station with a Dedicated Creative Services Department

5 Questions to Ask Your Radio Partner to Determine if They Are Creating Quality, Effective Ad Creative

How to Choose the Right Radio Station and Frequency for Your Business

Why the Highest Performing Companies Treat Marketing as an Investment and Not an Expense

The Power of Heritage Radio Stations and How They Can Boost Your Radio Advertising Results

Budget vs. Results: What You Need to Know So You Aren't Wasting Your Marketing Dollars

Why You Need to Advertise BEFORE Your Customer is Making a Buying Decision, and Other Tips for Planning Your Advertising

The Power of Country Radio in Joplin, Missouri and Surrounding Areas

5 Questions to Ask to Determine if Your Donation/Cause Marketing Budget is Actually Contributing to Marketing ROI

7 Reasons You Might Want to Advertise on News Talk Formats

When Radio Is and Isn't a Commodity, and Why Every Radio Station Spot Isn't Created Equal

How to Combat Low Trafficked Business Locations with Radio Advertising

7 Parts to a Brand Strategy That You Need to Address Before Advertising

How to Use Radio to Effectively Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI

10 Reasons You Should Choose Zimmer Radio Stations Over the Other Guys

Digging Into the Loyalty of Rock Format Radio Listeners, and Why This Matters to Advertisers

How the Desire for Instant Gratification is Hurting Your Advertising Results

How Long Will It Take to See Results from Your Advertising? And Other Important Marketing ROI Questions Answered

Understanding the Differences Between Ear and Eye Advertising

You Get What You Pay For: Why the Cheapest Isn't Always the Best Option When it Comes to Advertising

What is a Marketing Bridge and Why Do You Need It?

Do You REALLY Know Your Customer's Journey: How to Map it and Why It Matters

The 3-Step Process to Developing an Annual Advertising Budget

How to Use Radio to Effectively Boost Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Why Consistency in Your Marketing is Important, and How to Ensure It

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